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A Roundup of the Best Social Media Jobs

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Social media jobs are on the rise. Giving way to new fields of endeavor and creating new avenues for professional development, there’s never been a better time to profit from being social online. As social media evolves, so do the professional standards and certifications associated with the roles it creates. But what do these jobs entail, and what does it take to get a foot in the door? From managing social communications to creating digital content, the sky is the limit! Join Adzuna as we explore the best social media jobs!

Growth Opportunities for Social Media Jobs

Social media careers and the potential surrounding them are booming. Every business in every industry needs to connect with its audiences, and social media is one of the best ways to do just that. CNNMoney added social media jobs to their Top 100 careers, and according to LinkedIn, there are 1357% more social media jobs on the platform today than in 2010. And since social media has changed the way businesses interact with their consumers, the boom in the industry won’t be temporary. There will be a growing and permanent need for social media experts for the foreseeable future.

A Note on Salaries in Social Media Careers

Several factors influence social media salaries. These include:

  • Experience
  • Whether you work for an agency, private company, or as an independent contractor
  • Your location
  • Your position and role

Naturally, chief marketing officers for major brands make much, much more than entry-level social media employees that curate data for client feeds. However, social media jobs do pay well. Compared to most other marketing roles, social media opportunities tend to offer much more earning opportunities.

To give you an idea of what each kind of social media role generally offers regarding salary, Adzuna compared its stats to those of PayScale

4 Popular Social Media Jobs

Social Media Director

Social media directors are responsible for SM (social media) strategies and the management of SM teams. If you land this role, you might have to post content to various social channels and work with a set schedule. Creating content and overseeing editors is also part of the job of an SM director.

These roles are suitable for professionals that can create a “voice” for their brands. They’re expected to know more about social media than most other people within the organization.

Average Salary: R170,000 per year

Social Media Influencer

Influencers typically have large online followings and are highly engaged with their audiences in order to impact their purchasing decisions. To get your foot in the door, you’ll need to prove that you’re established on the web. You might also need some expertise on a particular platform like Instagram or Facebook and have the ability to create unique content. Interpersonal skills are also highly beneficial in these roles.

Average Salary: Highly dependent on follower base and activity on social media channels.

Social Media Strategist

Also known as SM specialists, strategists watch social media trends and integrate them into their business strategies. You’ll need a year or more of experience in the field to land a role as an SM strategist, along with other core skills like knowledge of algorithms and analytic processes.

Unlike influencers, strategists need expertise on almost all social media platforms, not just one. You’ll also need to create SM strategies for different online platforms, develop promotions and interact with audiences, and analyse analytics to discover the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

Average Salary: R342,000 per year

Community Manager

Social media savvy individuals with an edge and a robust and loyal following can help brands build a presence online. Community managers are passionate about driving audience engagement and assisting brands in succeeding in the digital realm. These professionals essentially become the face of the company their work with. They oversee everything from social media marketing to content creation and even customer relations. To get into this role, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to develop intelligent strategies. You’ll also need to showcase your ability to create content and handle communications for the company.

Average salary: R267,231 per year

In Conclusion

Who says the internet doesn’t do one good? If you’ve got social media skills, you can turn them into a profession. With a bit of practice and patience, you can turn your passion into an income by simply showing off your social media savvy! The field is growing at a breakneck pace, and if you’re adaptable and agile, the room is abundant for growth within it. If you’re quick on your feet and have a good understanding of human behaviour along with a passion for the latest marketing trends and tech, a career in social media can be your ideal match.

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