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A hysterical new launch hot off the shelves – get ready to yell for YELLIES

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Stuck for a different festive gift idea then get ready to yell for YELLIES! the cutest, fuzziest pets that respond to your voice. These spider pets are sound-activated and respond to talking, yelling, clapping, singing, and even music. The louder you yell, the faster they go! 

Kids will love to discover all the fun surprises that YELLIES! have in store for them. Watch their eyes light up and legs move as they respond to your voice. Talk softly to your YELLIES! and they will move slowly or yell louder and get them scurrying faster across the room! Each character has a personality and unique look that kids will love to collect! Play with more than one YELLIES! spider pet at a time to see them scurry around together (each sold separately). 

Meet Bo Dangles, Flufferpuff, Harry Scoots, Klutzers, Peeks, Toofy Spooder, Lil ‘Blinks, Toots, Frizz, Webington, Wiggley Riggles and Fuzzbo – to discover more about each character visit

Look out for the first wave of Yellies! spider collectables, which will be available from mid-December from leading retailers including: Toy Kingdom, Toy Zone, Toy Adventures, Hamleys, and online at   

Take a peek at this short video to see what the fuss is all about

For more information visit 

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