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9 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Little Girls

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They are show offs
My daughter knows just how to turn it on. She knows that dimpled smile is a “sure thing” to anything she wants. You will be powerless to their charms

They are master manipulators
It took me a long time to train my husband in my ways. It literally took her minutes. He is no longer whipped by me but by a tiny little girl. Some days I see her looking at me with a glint in her eye and smurk that says “His all mine now!” The nerve!

They have medicinal powers
No matter how cheesed off I am at the world. She just has to lie on my chest and all is right with the world.

They has Diva tendencies
Before she learnt to walk or talk but she learnt to “Diva”. She knows how to get her way. Her father stops just short of fanning her with palm leaves while she loungers with her favourite cocktail of Lactogen. I am almost expecting her to demand all white gardenias and Perrier bottled water with her two minute noodles.

They are attention junkies
Our world already revolves around her but that is not good enough for her. Oh No. If she catches your slipping on the attention front she cracks her proverbial whip. I have seen this tiny human fake laugh to get attention. Last week I took my eyes off her for a second and this attention seeker “accidentally” broke my sunglasses. Quickly back in line!

They are fearless
I have watched her put her hands in her poo and straight to her mouth! She can stomach just about anything my princess.

They are witches
She has powers. In the 10 years I know MY husband I have seen him cry a handful of times. None of those times were at my wedding. That very expensive wedding dress, professional make-up, nor those touching vows inspired a single tear drop. Its 10 years and I am still upset about it! This little sorcerer crawls and tears!!!!! Holy Crap! She is good

They dance to the beat of their own tune.
She stood up without holding onto anything a month ago , My husband grabbed his phone and I froze and held my breath my baby was about to take her first steps. The world stopped turning for me. I was about to witness a human miracle. And what did She do…she started to dance on the spot. Psyche! She did this For two weeks too before she decided to walk. Clearly just to mess with us!

Your tot is hands down the cutest you will ever lay eyes on!
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