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8 Different types of moms we all know (which one are you?)

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Here are eight types of moms we all know – which one are you?

Moms come in all shapes and sizes…… some of us breastfeed, some of us don’t. There are moms who let their babies ‘cry-it-out’ and those who won’t.

Here are eight types of moms we all know – which one are you?

PS. If we’re being completely honest, we’d say that we all have a healthy dash of each type in us!

8 Different types of moms we all know

1. The parenting expert

This mom knows her stuff, and her wealth of knowledge can get you through sleep regressions, developmental delays, potty training – and even the terrible twos!

While she may mean well, her over-eagerness could cause some eye-rolls from fellow moms.

After all, no one likes a ‘miss know-it-all’…

2. The ‘hot mess’ mom

This mom is spread thin…… too thin, in fact.

You can recognise her by her I’m always late’ sleep-dazed stumble, her spit-up-stained shirt and the mom-bun that hasn’t been fixed in at least three days (or, is it more?).

She loves her kids, but she’s tired – and could use a week away on a deserted island, or just a decent night’s sleep.

3. The helicopter mom

Helicopter moms tend to ‘hover’ over their children, micromanaging their every move.

You can spot them running after their kids at playgrounds, interfering in scuffles between friends and speaking on behalf of their children.

While the helicopter mom believes that her overbearing nature will set her children up for success later in life, research doesn’t agree – and suggests that children who are raised by helicopter parents tend to be more insecure, and may even suffer from depression later in life!

As much as we’re different, we’re also the same

4. The ‘selfie mom’

What do they say? If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen…

Instead of just living ‘in the moment’, the ‘selfie mom’ lives for the ‘gram’.

With her phone permanently in her hand, she documents and shares her’s and her children’s every move.

5. The ‘stage mom’

When it comes to the ‘stage mom’, anything your child can do, hers can do better!

You’ll find her in the front row at all concerts (if she hasn’t wormed her way back stage), next to the starting line at all sporting events – and if your child started walking at 10 months, you can bet that her child started at eight!

While this mom does deserve props for her enthusiasm, her competitive nature can be a tad off-putting.

6. The working mom

For the working mom, time is gold. While she’s involved, resourceful and organised – she has little time to chit-chat, so whatever you have to say, make it quick!

7. The ‘spoiler’ mom

This mom spoils her children, rotten… even when it’s not good for them!

She can’t say ‘no’ and would rather indulge her children’s whining, than enforce discipline.

8. The ‘go-with-the-flow’ mom

This mom is the polar opposite of the helicopter mom. While she’s attuned to her children’s needs, she’s generally calm, level-headed and unfazed by things like milestones, scraped knees and bad grades.

The ‘go-with-the-flow’ mom reminds us not to freak out over every.little.thing – and that, at the end of the day, our children’s happiness is all that matters.

As much as we’re different, we’re also the same

We share similar fears of giving birth, suffer the same breastfeeding anxiety, and will, at one stage or another, find ourselves knee-deep in toddler troubles and teenage angst.

What draws us together?

At the end of the day, the one thing that draws us all together, is the fact that we love our children, more than anything else in the world!


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