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7 Ways You Can Be An Eco Friendly Parent

  • Christina Lee
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There’s nothing more rewarding than being a parent, but if you’re trying to be more eco friendly, you know that having a little person in the house makes it difficult. There’s something about kids that just generates more and more stuff, and with that comes waste. 

Don’t fear though, as you can make some changes to become a more eco friendly parent. Here are some tried and tested tips to help you do so. 

1.Pick Out Eco Friendly Diapers

There’s no denying that diapers are expensive, and harmful to the planet. You don’t want to contribute to landfill, but you have to use them in some form. These days, you do have options. 

Many parents like to use cloth diapers. They won’t go into landfill as they’re reusable. Simply wash them once they’ve been worn, dry them, and they’re ready to be worn again. Don’t want to spend time washing diapers? Then you can find eco friendly diapers, that are designed to degrade better in landfill to minimize their impact. 

2.Minimize Bath Times

You can conserve water by minimizing how often you bathe your child. It’s usually best to bathe them a few times a week, rather than every day. This has other benefits too, such as preventing your child’s skin from drying out. 

At bath time, make sure you’re using eco friendly products, too. You want to use products that don’t have added scents, as these will irritate your child’s skin and sometimes lead to health problems. 

3.Avoid Fast Fashion

This sounds hard to do, as kids outgrow their clothes so quickly. You don’t want to support less than ethical clothing practices, but you need to keep that clothing budget to a minimum. 

There are ways around this, though. For example, if you have friends or family who have kids a little older than yours, you can get hand me downs from them. They’ll usually still be in great condition, as the kids wouldn’t have had long to wear them before they outgrew them. 

You can also find second hand clothing stores online, where you can find good quality second hand clothing. The more second hand you buy, the less clothing is going into landfill. 

4.Breastfeed If You Can

There are so many reasons why breastfeeding is good for your baby, but one you may not have thought of is that it’s so good for the environment. Think about it, breast milk is naturally renewable, comes in no packaging, and has lots of health benefits. 

Of course, not everyone can breastfeed so if you’re not able to, don’t worry. It’s worth giving a shot though, as it’s so good for the planet. 

5.Ditch The Car

You don’t have to go everywhere by car, all the time. While there are some times when it will be easier to hop in the car, try leaving it at home sometimes. You’ll be helping the planet by reducing your carbon emissions. Plus, kids often love public transport like buses and trains, so they’ll have a great time taking an outing with you. 

6.Unplug Sometimes

Did you know that around a quarter of the energy consumption in your home is from electrical devices? You can save energy by switching them off sometimes, and you’ll lower your energy bills too. 

Instead, use these periods to spend more time together as a family. You can play board games or simply chat together, whatever works. You’ll help the environment and grow closer as a family. 

7.Buy Used Books

You want your kids to have plenty of books to read, but the problem is new books can actually harm the planet. Around 10% of all greenhouse gases in the US come from the paper industry alone, so you can do your bit by buying second hand books. You can also sign up with your local library, and check out new books all the time. 

There’s lots of ways you can be an eco friendly parent, and you don’t have to make big changes in your life to do so. Try these tips, as they will help you reduce your impact as a parent while still doing your best for your kids. 

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