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7 Things every mom should know about trampolines

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We know that moms, always being the cautious ones, often feel skeptical about trampolines and the prospect of their kid bouncing on one. Much of it is due to unfounded rumors or exaggerations. It’s only unfortunate that the benefits of trampolines don’t get passed around as often… to the detriment of everyone involved.

Let’s clear up some of the misconceptions and find out why moms all over America have taken to trampolines and enjoy bouncing with their kids!

1 Trampolines Are Very Safe

Compared to the trampolines of yesteryear, most of the trampolines on the market now come equipped with a plethora of safety features to minimize the risk of any accidents. Almost all trampolines come equipped with an enclosure and generous safety padding to ensure maximum safety. An overwhelming majority of trampolines we’ve tested meet the minimum safety requirements.

Safety is also enhanced if you abide by the recommendations, which state that only children above 6 should bounce on the trampoline. Also, never let more than one child bounce. Most of the accidents happen when jumpers collide with one another mid-air, not when someone falls off (which the enclosure prevents anyways).

Our extensive database of trampoline reviews  can help you make the optimal purchase decisions and we put special emphasis on the trampolines’ safety features. As you’ll see, these trampolines are in no way like those old beaters without a safety net or even stable legs!

2 You Can Keep an Eye on Your Kid

If you had a trampoline, where’d you put it? In your back yard, of course. And where would your kid play? In the back yard, as well, bouncing on the trampoline!

This way, your child will always be near you and you can easily see what they’re doing. There is no risk of them running around the neighborhood unsupervised. You can simply relax on your patio and be safe knowing where your child is at any time, instead of not knowing where your child is and calling all the moms in the area sick with worry.

3 It’s Healthy for Your Kids…

Trampolines are an excellent way for your children to exercise. Think about it – these days most of the kids are glued to their phones or computers and won’t do anything outside. And even if they do, parents feel uneasy as the neighborhoods of today are not what they used to be.

Luckily, trampolines solve both issues. It’s in your back yard and the kids can be active. Bouncing on a trampoline burns 60% more calories than jogging, according to a NASA study.

It is a low impact exercise, meaning it doesn’t strain the joints and ligaments the way running does. The forces are much more evenly distributed all over the body, thus eliminating knee and foot pain common when jogging. Exercising on a trampoline is a great way of maintaining healthy body weight and fighting the obesity epidemic.

They are especially good if your children don’t have a semblance of athletic prowess nor any inclination to do something about it. Instead of nagging and urging them to exercise, they will happily bounce on the trampoline, as they will view it as a fun game instead of a boring exercise.

They’ll be none the wiser and won’t ever get the wind of your devilish scheme!

4 … And You

And by that, we don’t mean only in a physical way. Any benefits already stated (and much more that we had to left out) also apply to adults. But the benefits aren’t only physical. Yes, trampolines are a great way of reducing stress and unwinding after a particularly tough day at work.

And yes, they will help you keep trim and slim, strengthen your bones and your lymphatic system.

But they will also let you bond with your kid better – by being near them – and your partner as well. The children will be more tired and will go to bed earlier, thus saving you a lot of frustration and arguing with your spouse – a sight too often seen in homes all around the country.

5 You’ll Be the Coolest Mom

Enough with the health talk – now it’s vanity time! Seriously, we all want for our kids to have the best we can provide. It can be disheartening to hear that your kid wants to play elsewhere because their friend has that cool toy that their parents bought them.

Why not bring out the big guns? With a trampoline, your kid, and as a consequence, you, will become the coolest folks in the neighborhood – and everyone will flock to your back yard (if you so desire, of course). It can be a boon for your kid’s social life, and who knows – a nice opportunity to catch up with your neighbors as well!

6 They won’t break the bank

People often have a misconception that trampolines are something ridiculously expensive and only the richest people can afford it. While trampolines that cost a king’s ransom certainly exist, even a modest budget will go a long way.

There are a lot of trampolines that are both affordable and well-made. As little as $300 can get you a fair, decently-sized trampoline of about 14ft with all the usual safety features that make trampolining a worry-free exercise.

However, not all trampolines are the same. To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, our handy review database will do all the work for you!

7 They Liven Up the Back Yard

Trampolines need not look ugly and drab. There is a plenty of models that look fresh and sharp. A nice trampoline is a great way to improve the look of your back yard, especially if there is a lot of empty, unused space. They come in various sizes and shapes, and if you prefer rectangular over oval or round trampolines, there is plenty of choice.

Now that you see that trampolines are loads of fun for everyone involved, it’s time to pick your own and treat your kids with a fantastic present!

Purchasing a trampoline may seem like a daunting task, and with such a large number of them in the market, it may very well be. Fortunately, the hard-working folks at are a bunch of busy beavers who have been reviewing and compiling a huge database of trampolines, so you can pick and choose the model you like.

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