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7 Reasons babies cry

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Understanding the reasons babies cry can make this mommy business just that little bit easier.

1. Hunger

Baby has different cries for different reasons, you will get to know these cries over time. Until then look for signs baby is hungry before he starts crying such as fussing, smacking of lips, rooting (a newborn reflex that causes babies to turn their head toward your hand when you stroke their cheek), and putting their hands to their mouth.

2. Dirty Nappy

Simple and easy to check.

3. Tired

Look out for cues baby is tired before he starts crying such as a glazed stare, rubbing eyes, yawning, seeking comfort by sucking or feeding, pulling ears or hair

4. Temperature

Baby should have one more layer of clothing than you. Feel the back of your baby’s neck to check if there is a temperature.

5. Uncomfortable or in Pain

Tummy troubles such as constipation can be the cause of lots of crying, especially if it is straight after a feed. Keep baby upright for a while after a feed and rubbing or patting his back. It could also be something small like something poking him, check his clothing for anything that could be bothering him.

6. Over or Under Stimulated

Babies can struggle to process all the stimulation (being passed around, bright light, too much noise) and they cry to say they have had enough. A “demanding” baby might love to be active and entertained and by staying active you can avoid baby crying although this can be very tiring.

7. Wants to be Held

Babies need lots of physical closeness and comfort, especially the first few months.

Here are some great ways to soothe a crying baby. If your baby cries for prolonged periods of time and there appears to be no reason for it, then your baby may have colic.

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