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5 Reasons why owning a Foldscope will make your child smarter!

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  1. It fosters independent learning

Several studies have documented the benefits of independent learning and its impact on academic and career success. A Foldscope allows a child to immerse herself in science according to her interests. Using a Foldscope illustrates that learning without intervention from teachers or parents can be an exciting adventure.

  1. It stimulates curiosity

A child that is bored is seldom motivated to learn. Unfortunately, children in schools are often bored by unimaginative curriculums. A Foldscope gives a child access to the fascinating world of microbiology, a topic they are not generally exposed to. It teaches them that there is more to the world than meets the eye and makes it exciting to investigate and learn.

  1. It develops problem-solving skills

Using a microscope requires certain skills. A Foldscope provides the opportunity to practice several of these skills, including how to prepare and mount specimens for viewing, patience to find and focus on the specimen, and, most importantly, troubleshooting if things don’t go according to plan. Being able to identify and solve problems is critical to success in school and in the workplace.  

  1. It employs the senses

It is well-known that learning is enhanced by involving the senses during the learning process. Reading about microbiology from a book is an inauthentic and one-dimensional experience. By finding samples, preparing slides, and examining specimens using a Foldscope, the child is using their hands, eyes, nose, and ears for a more immersive learning experience. 

  1. It cultivates a love for science

The ability to think critically and analyse the plethora of information available today is essential to success. Making informed decisions about health, diet, medical treatment, scientific research, etc., requires scientific skills and knowledge, and children who are genuinely interested in science are usually scientifically literate. Children are naturally curious about the world and giving them a tool such as a Foldscope could change their perception of science and make them see it as interesting and even fun.

Foldscope is an ultra-affordable origami-inspired microscope that is assembled by the user. It is designed to be durable, easy-to-use, and portable, with 140x magnification. They are available as individual kits or classroom kits containing 20 or 100 units. Deluxe Individual Kits contain an extensive set of accessories to collect specimens and prepare slides. These kits are packaged in a beautiful metal case making it easy for little explorers to keep their Foldscope close at hand. 

SciBuddy is the exclusive distributor of Foldscopes in South Africa. The owner, Arista Burke, has a background in microbiology and education. She believes that Foldscopes will be a gamechanger for South African children. 

To find out more about SciBuddy and Foldscope, visit or their Facebook page,  

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