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5 High Paying Marketing Jobs to Consider

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As one of the most diverse career paths out there, the roles and responsibilities of marketing jobs vary drastically from one industry to another. Of course, with so many disciplines falling under the general umbrella of marketing, it’s not always easy to decide which way to go.

There’s the technical side of marketing that covers aspects like on-site SEO and conversion rate optimization. But there are also creative marketing jobs like community management and video content creation. Marketing offers a plethora of opportunities for those willing to put in the work to climb the success ladder. That said, Adzuna did some digging to uncover the highest paying opportunities currently available in this sector.

Adzuna used data from the online resource Payscale to analyse salary potential currently on offer for various marketing roles. The roles we’ve included in this list all offer average salaries that are much higher than the average salary in South Africa, which according to Statistics South Africa, stood at R270,000 per year at the start of April 2021.

So, here’s a look at marketing jobs that can see you earning a higher-than-average salary and build a successful career!

A roundup of the most lucrative marketing jobs in 2021

Creative Director

Average Salary: R422,700 per year

As the name implies, creative directors guide all creative projects, and the roles of these professionals might vary depending on industry focus and company needs. Creative directors manage creative projects from concept to completion, translating marketing objectives into innovative strategies.

Experience is a crucial prerequisite for individuals looking to become creative directors. Expect employers to demand anything from five to eight (or even ten) years of experience in the field. The best candidates understand industry trends and are masters of creative tools like Adobe Creative Suite. Aside from excellent communication, presentation, and problem-solving skills, these professionals also hold a degree in marketing, design, or a related field.

Media Planner

Average Salary: R432,000 per year

Media Planners are tasked with identifying the best media platforms for brands to connect with their target audiences effectively. They work with advertising agencies and media planning agencies to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns through a range of media platforms.

Identifying target audiences and analysing their characteristics, behaviour, and media habits is just one aspect of this role. Media planners also manage client relationships to build respect and gain trust on a B2B level. In order to get into this role, you’ll need a degree in marketing or a related field like journalism, but even a degree in psychology or statistics can significantly benefit your professional career.

Digital Strategist

Average Salary: R443,143 per year

Digital strategists (also known as digital marketing strategists) plan and advise on executing a brand’s marketing campaigns. These tech-savvy individuals are creative and innovative and can identify trends before they peak. They use their insights and combine all relevant marketing channels and platforms (including SEO, paid media, and content) into a plan that is used to launch a product or service’s marketing campaign.

Tertiary education is essential for anyone looking to become a digital strategist, but sot skills and experience are also critical. Since much of the job relies on instinct, you’ll need to have critical thinking and time management skills along with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing or a related field.

Product Marketing Manager

Average Salary: R454,125 per year

Whenever a brand releases a new product or service, they want their customers to know all about its functionality, features, and benefits. This is where product marketing managers come in. These professionals research the best ways to position the brands they represent. So, their efforts ensure a brand’s message effectively captivates its audience.

Responsible for developing and running marketing strategies, product marketing managers act as the bridge between a brand’s products and services and its customers. Since most product marketing managers are employed by software and tech companies, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing (or a related field) to get into this role.

Public Relations Manager

Average Salary: R511,186 per year

Public relations managers are responsible for creating and maintaining an excellent public image for the brands they work. They do this by pitching stories to the media, preparing media kits, and organising press conferences.

Aside from excellent planning and analytic skills, communication, and people skills, you’ll need a qualification in public relations, marketing, or a related field. A degree in public relations, communication, or journalism can significantly benefit your career and help you climb the success ladder.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of high-paying marketing jobs out there. The key to landing and keeping one of them is continual education and a commitment to professional growth. In the world of marketing, it’s easy to become a one-trick pony. But with the world around us continually shifting and changing, it’s essential to be adaptable and open to new opportunities to ensure you’ll have a long and successful marketing career.

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