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5 Great reasons to shop & sell preloved children’s clothes

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It’s a challenge to keep your children in style when they outgrow their trendy clothes so fast! With more people selling and shopping preloved clothing online, you can now keep your little ones in style, while spending less money; saving time; doing good for the planet and even making a bit of extra money! 

Being a mom of two children and passionate entrepreneur, Aune Aunapuu, CEO and Founder of – the fastest-growing online marketplace for buying and selling preloved items –  decided to create the solution when she was unable to find a safe and hassle-free platform online to sell a preloved baby stroller. 

Aune shares her five reasons why shopping and selling preloved children’s clothes is a great idea.

1. Keep Your Kids in Style:Shopping preloved clothing online means you can explore a variety of items, a diverse range of styles and many different brands that are always in fashion. Through preloved platforms like Yaga, parents can buy classic, vintage and stylish branded children’s items including Zara, Cotton On, Keedo, Naartjie and Truworths. 

2. Save Money: Buying new children’s clothes is expensive and they outgrow their new clothes so quickly! You can get a lot more for your money by opting for preloved clothes, which are available at bargain prices and often at a fraction of the retail prices. You can replace an entire wardrobe of outgrown clothes without overspending. 

3. Save Time:

Because children grow so fast, it’s back to the shops every so often for a new wardrobe. Shopping preloved items online, on the other hand, saves you so much time usually wasted visiting shop after shop with a stroller and toddler in tow. Shopping preloved clothes online affords you the opportunity to shop an entire new wardrobe of trendy and branded items without ever leaving the house. 

4. Do Good for the Planet: Buying and selling preloved can reduce your impact on the planet because it keeps fashion items in circulation, instead of it ending up in dumps or landfill. As most clothing items are processed with chemicals, the fact that preloved items are already pre-washed multiple times means that they are also less harmful for little ones wearing them close to their sensitive skin. 

5. Make money!: All parents welcome a bit of extra money, so why not turn a wardrobe of outgrown fashion items into an extra income! Declutter your children’s wardrobes, organise the clothes your children have outgrown by size and season, and then sell these preloved fashion items online. Selling preloved baby and maternity wear is also super popular! Check out some of these trendy mummy Yaga Shops that sell cool items for children: and 

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