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5 Camp Crafts you Can do at Home

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Camp crafts are one of the most popular activities offered at holiday camps. These activities allow kids to explore their creative sides and get practically involved.

Children love the idea of creating crafts by themselves and the cherry on top is being able to keep them as a memoir, or being able to eat what they have made.

The fun and excitement of these camp activities can also be enjoyed at home.

Here are 5 camp crafts that you can enjoy with the kids at home:

1.    Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are an integral part of camp as they allow children to bond by exchanging friendship bracelets with one another. Grab a few pieces of string from the hardware store and get your kids braiding friendship bracelets for one another. If they cannot braid, just get them some beads and let the beading and braiding of friendship bracelets begin.

2.    Bird feeders 

Most summer camps place a great emphasis on nature. Bird feeders are an interesting craft to create that promotes recycling and appreciation towards nature. All you need are some old plastic bottles, scissors, string, bird seeds and peanut butter. Create this craft, hang it up on a tree and invite the birdies home for lunch.

3.    Camp cookies

Baking is a must-do at summer camp, and nothing says “Yummy” more than camp cookies made by the children themselves. Whether it’s chocolate chip or ordinary sugar cookies, the process in baking these and then enjoying them together makes this a brilliant bonding activity. Get out the flour, sugar, butter and eggs from your pantry, switch on the oven, and get the kids baking together.

4.    Lanterns

At the final campfire, children usually carry little handmade lanterns with them. It’s an exciting craft, as the kids usually have these made during the week and cannot wait to try them out. You need old tin cans, a hammer, and some nails. Ask the kids to trace a shape of their choice onto the tin can, and you can knock little holes in outlining the shape. Once this is done, wait for dusk, light up some tea-light candles and place them inside the tin. The kids will enjoy the marvelous lighting effects of their camp lanterns.

5.    S’mores 

The most delicious and most favoured camp treats are indeed campfire s’mores. Gather some Marie biscuits or crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and get the kids to compose their s’more. Instead of doing this the traditional way around a campfire, you can just pop them into the oven at home until the chocolate melts and the marshmallows become gooey. This is a lovely treat that will have the kids feeling the camp spirit in the comfort of their homes.

With these fun activities, camp can be just a few crafts away from home.

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