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5 Benefits Of Sleepover Camps For Kids

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Experiencing all the milestones with your child is one of the greatest highlights that come with parenthood – Hearing their first word, watching their first step and yes, even saying goodbye when it’s time for their first sleepover. Despite the reluctance and paranoia of sending your kids miles away to a sleepover camp for a week, this can be a positive experience and a significant developmental milestone that can be felt months after returning from camp, especially a camp like Sugar Bay.

Sugar Bay Holiday Camp is open every school holiday for kids and teens from 7 to 17 years old. The counsellors are trained in child psychology for the different age groups, as well as First Aid & CPR. With the highest staff to child ratio in the country (1:3) and an impeccable safety record, you can rest assured that your little ones are safe and being fully supervised, while having the time of their lives.

But there are other benefits that both you and your kids will enjoy when you send them to camp for the holidays:

1. Sleepover camps help teach children that separation is a sign of trust

Sleeping away from home can be an exciting milestone for your child to learn about trust. You want your child to learn that being away from you is a sign that you trust them, and that it is also a sign that they can trust you to bring them back home after their holiday is over. When parents express their trustworthiness of their children they are more likely to live up to those expectations, and the lesson of trust will be learned.

2. Campers are motivated to try new things

Having an enthusiastic child who is ready to accommodate different situations and face new challenges is very reassuring for any parent. As a parent, it is vital that you always influence your kids to be open to new adventures and experiences. Sugar Bay specialises in opportunities for new experiences by offering over 100 activities for kids of all personalities to enjoy. Campers are expected to plan their own day by choosing their own activities, and they receive further support by the counsellors to try something new.

3. Campers learn how to be more independent

It is always a pleasure to watch your child get dressed all by themselves in the mornings before school. Sugar Bay ensures that our campers are able to do things for themselves by teaching them these skills from a young age. They will require almost no adult assistance, and will benefit from the confidence that comes from this new found independence. Campers are also expected to take control of their day by making decisions on what they would like to achieve for the day. They are not told what activities to do, but are rather guided to make responsible choices for themselves, as independent individuals.

4. Children are encouraged to conquer their fears

Your child probably has nightmares just like any other typical youngster, and at Sugar Bay children are not only comforted, but also taught that nightmares are normal and that it’s nothing more than your mind playing tricks on you. That way our campers will learn to wake up from from a nightmare, brush it off and go back to sleep peacefully without fear, and none of the tears.

5. Children are encouraged to ask questions and make requests confidently

When a child is able to ask for what they need and feel comfortable doing so, they will feel self-assured. Sugar Bay encourages all campers to come out of their shells by playing engaging ice-breaker activities on arrival. During our other team-building activities, everyone is urged on to share their opinions, which boosts their self-confidence and leadership skills too.

Naturally, you may have many other concerns and questions before being convinced that sending your kids to camp is a good idea. Our friendly office will gladly chat to you about your individual concerns for your child, and will answer any other questions you may have. Read the parent FAQs on our website, give us a ring on (032) 485 3778, or pop us an email at . Then when you are ready, you can book a March/April camp and enjoy a huge R1000 discount.

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