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4 Things to Help Your Kids to Dream Big

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I watched my grandparents work every day of their lives, doing what they became good at and because it paid the bills.  Whenever I tried to talk to them about what it might be like to do the work they REALLY loved, they would tell me that was what hobbies were for; a outlet for what you loved to do.

During his prime, my grandfather was a carpenter and worked for a hard-to-please boss on a crew that built houses.  When he wasn’t slaving away for that task master, he loved to work in his basement workshop, being creative with wood.  Of the many things he made by hand, the most beautiful were the hand carved ships wheels.  He only made them for those he was close to and he never accepted money for them.  I feel fortunate that I have one of those huge wheels mounted on the wall of my office and I think of him every time I look at it.

What do you dream of doing if you didn’t have to go to work each day to make your living?  Is there something that you love to do and wish you could do it full time?  Have you already found it and spend your leisure time working on?  Wouldn’t you want your children to find that one thing they feel most passionate about and do it full time?  Here are four things you can begin doing immediately as a parent to help your child DREAM BIG.

Let them explore. Encourage your children to try new things by giving them opportunities to try them out.  Avoid putting pressure on them to succeed and focus more on the experience of different activities.

Speak of abundance and avoid scarcity.  You want your children to know that anyone can do anything they put their minds to.  Avoid mentioning that your family doesn’t have the means, supplies or money to do things.  Allow them to help you come up with ideas for doing the things they love to do.

Create a vision board or dream book.  Purchase composition books for yourself and your children and have them draw pictures in the book that represent what they want to acquire or experience.  Allow them to cut out pictures from old magazines to paste into their dream book.  Teach them to add a new entry in images or text whenever they have a thought about something they dream of.

Find movies and books that illustrate someone who dreamed big. Watch movies with your children or read books to them in which the main characters dreamed big and made it all happen.  You want them to know that anything is possible if you dream it, think about it, illustrate it and see it often enough.

They say that those who dream big and then follow those dreams will live longer, live happier, and attract healthy, supportive people into their lives.  What parent wouldn’t want this for their children?  Now you know what it takes to help your child begin their journey toward dreaming big!

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