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30 Brilliant Reasons to Homeschool!

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Thinking about homeschooling your kids? Or perhaps you have already made the decision to homeschool? This could be due to various reasons, some of which may include wanting to remove your kids from a negative school environment, to protect them from bullying or giving them the freedom to learn in a progressive way that may be more appropriate for them. An environment where creativity is nurtured and celebrated, a method of schooling that better prepares your child for his or her future.

Here are 30 reasons you should consider homeschooling your child:

  1. Your child can learn at his or her own pace.
  2. Your child can create their own curriculum.
  3. Your child can learn a wider variety of subjects.
  4. Learning can happen anywhere and at any time.
  5. When they are done work for the day, they have free time to focus on things they enjoy.
  6. Your child will learn valuable life skills.
  7. Your child’s creativity can be nurtured and celebrated.
  8. Your child’s work is not done for mastery, not for a grade.
  9. It is easier to accommodate your child’s specific learning needs.
  10. Your child can learn in the way that suits them best.
  11. Your child won’t fall through the cracks.
  12. There will be less peer pressure to deal with.
  13. Children learn to challenge assumptions and think for themselves.
  14. Your kids will have more time to play.
  15. Homeschooled kids grow to become independent thinkers.
  16. You can limit the opportunity for your child to be bullied.
  17. You can ‘shelter’ your child from negative influences like drugs and sex for longer or until they are older and can handle things better.
  18. Your kids can relax and be themselves and be free of the pressure to conform to the masses.
  19. Children become empowered when their ideas are heard and validated.
  20. Family bonds become stronger as your family will spend more time together.
  21. Kids are able to learn in a safe and supported environment.
  22. School can be taken outside, or anywhere for that matter.
  23. Kids are more confident.
  24. Kids learn time management skills, a valuable skill to have.
  25. Your child will not have to wait for everyone to reach the same level before moving on.
  26. Children get to be themselves.
  27. Kids get to learn for the sake of learning – not to pass a test or mark a box on a list of set standards.
  28. Greater opportunities for kids to focus on hobbies.
  29. Kids can work with fewer distractions than there are in typical classroom settings.
  30. Your child will be able to set their own schedule as they get older.

These are only a few of the amazing advantages to homeschooling, Syllabis Learning can help you achieve all of the above and more with our integrated and independent learning curriculum. Make the decision to give your child the best in education.

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