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3 Things Children Learn At Holiday Camp

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Not everything your children learn can be found in a textbook, on a tablet or on the TV for that matter. Most of life’s greatest lessons are learned from real life experiences that cost little or nothing.

Holiday camps are an ideal way to get your children away from today’s distracting technologies to learn some of these valuable life lessons. Children don’t just learn survival skills at holiday camp, but they also learn the value of qualities like courage, confidence, and character. These, in addition to learning how to surf, how to make new friends and yes, how to build a camp fire are ingredients for a well-rounded learning experience.

Here are 3 things your child will learn at camp:

1. Camp builds courage

At Sugar Bay Holiday Camp, we believe in constantly encouraging our campers. This encouragement very quickly grows into a quality that creates a brave child, who is open to trying new things and is courageous enough to never give up.  One of the greatest tests of courage at camp is our lagoon jumping activity; where kids may jump off a bridge and into the lagoon. Campers are never forced to jump, but they are encouraged. And when they do decide to take the plunge, they feel like they can fearlessly face any challenge.

2. Camp increases self-confidence 

Sugar Bay counsellors are trained in child psychology, and therefore they understand that in order for courage to be used to accomplish greater milestones, our campers need to be confident. Our goal is for campers to be filled with confidence in their minds, in their abilities, and in their individual identity from day one until long after camp ends.

To achieve this, our creative camp programmer knows just how to incorporate the best ice-breaking activities that build our campers’ confidence, which also gains them new friends at the same time. We also encourage campers to acquire a new skill by progressing through one of our certified activities, in which they earn various certificates for the increasingly difficult levels of that activity. Allowing children to master a new skill builds their confidence, since they know they can master anything they dedicate themselves to.

3. Camp strengthens character 

On the final night of camp, each of our camper’s character shines and takes centre stage during our traditional “Final Camp Fire”. Here, we reflect on the week and our campers share all their thoughts, feelings and emotions about how camp has changed their lives. In doing so, they reveal just how their character has been impacted by the friendships made, challenges faced and other camp experiences.

Although campers who’ve been to Sugar Bay can undoubtedly make the best camp fires and s’mores – campers are benefited far more by disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with new friends, rediscovering new skills & talents, and redefining their identities from this one-of-a-kind personal adventure that comes with “going to camp”.

If you would like more information about how our holiday camp can benefit your child, or if you have further questions about Sugar Bay please visit our website at, or contact us directly on (032) 485 3778 or email .

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