Monthly Archives: December 2015

Previously we touched on understanding high risk pregnancy  and what causes prematurity , this month we will be taking a look at the conflicting emotions we go through when we have given birth prematurely. It can be a trying time for both parents, both emotionally and physically draining. Whirlwind… No one is fully prepared for childbirth […]

In this crazy world of technology and digital media, there’s something so special and comforting about holding a beautifully printed book in your hands.  For little chidren, to look at those glossy illustrations and link them to the story that once they are able to read, they can read to themselves, creates an opportunity for them […]

Cetaphil Daylong After Sun Cooling Gel is just what every parent needs with our harsh South African climate.  The last couple of months have been particularly hot and with the sun, comes many hours of enjoyment splashing in the pool outside or just playing outside taking in all that a great sunny day has to offer.  The […]

Be safe, drive safely and get your destination comfortably! IMPERIAL Road Safety’s travel tips will get you safely to your destination this festive season!  The festive season is one of the busiest month’s on the road and it pays to know a few things in advance to ensure (as far as possible) that you arrive […]

With a new school year starting, it’s every mom’s nightmare covering school books and endless hours spent writing names etc onto labels.  Now with the Epson LW600 Portable Label Pinter, preparing labels for school books is a breeze. The team at Parenting Hub were sent the Epson LW600 Label Printer to review and many fun hours […]