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I think it can be extremely difficult to maintain the father son relationship, throughout the teen years and early twenties. Boys have been instilled with the attitude of dominance and winning. As much as we like to think otherwise, one only needs to check how many men watch sports of one kind or another. Men […]

Mothers and daughters begin with the closest friendship.  There are many times the dad might feel pushed aside. Within a few years, as the girls approach their teen years the trouble begins. I think at first moms attempt to deal with it as they encounter the hurts from their daughters. If or when it continues […]

Us South Africans are an incredibly security conscious bunch. We tend to focus a lot of attention around security in our homes and in our vehicles, especially when it comes to protecting our children. But what about the virtual realm? Are we doing enough to ensure their safety when it comes to things like the […]

By Gabi Steenkamp, Registered Dietitian, Food Labelling and Nutrition Consultant. The information printed on all food labels in South Africa is regulated by the Department of Health regulations R146 (2010) for the labelling and advertising of foods, and there is no particular section that covers the labelling requirements for foods that are suitable for […]

The teenage girl came out of her room and walked into the family room where her parents were sitting. With a great deal of excitement and joy, she began to talk about a party a classmate was planning for the weekend and how much fun it was going to be. She talked about which of […]

A young intern working on a research project contacted me to ask me a few questions about dads, parenting classes and getting them to engage more with their kids. He told me that his team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was developing intervention programs to support fathers and to find the best ways of engaging […]

If you’re looking for new inspirations about great places to go and exciting things to do when you’re travelling, there’s nobody better to turn to for great advice than the Cathay Pacific staff who travel to over 180 countries on a daily basis. While the airline flies to a multitude of destinations worldwide, the crew from all […]

Sugar is addictively awesome, but is the long term health effects really worth that momentary indulgence? It is blamed for most health issues, from behavioural problems to skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity and diabetes. Yet babies come into the world with a ‘sweet tooth’ (nature’s way of drawing them to breast milk), so you may […]