Monthly Archives: February 2014

“Help Mom, I am stuck on this word?” What is your first reaction, “just sound it out”.  Good advice? Actually, not that good.  Sounding it out is not always the best strategy for figuring out a word. Learning to read individual words is hard work and not always as easy as parents may think. There […]

Chewing gum with mouths wide open, speaking on cell phones loudly in public places, forgetting to say please or thank you, disrespecting elders and wearing clothing that leaves little to the imagination. Sounds scary when you think that this could be your child one day! Today, there is wide recognition that because of our busy […]

Parents have many questions about assigning children household chores.  As children, some parents were assigned heavy chores, some were paid for them to be done, and others had no prescribed chores.  When two adults come together as parents but were raised with differing points of view on chores, they may become confused and unable to […]

In the past few years neurologists have dismantled, piece by piece, the entrenched view that the human brain is fixed and unchanging in adults. It was long believed that once we grow up, our brains have a set number of neurons performing functions in a fixed way. According to the theory of neuroplasticity, thinking, learning, […]