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10 Notable People Who Were homeschooled

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In an age where more students are receiving an education and graduating than ever before it is interesting to take note that education is finally evolving into something far more exciting. Along with the education of teachers, learning tools and teaching techniques have also changed significantly with the digital revolution. There is finally a drive to incorporate technology, mobile devices, and independent learning into the student curriculum.

If the thought of homeschooling concerns you then perhaps reading about 15 notable people who were homeschooled will begin to change your view on independent learning and this revolutionary method of schooling.

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is one of the most famous and productive inventors of all time with almost 1000 patents in his name, including the electric light bulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera. He became a self-made multimillionaire even though he was considered a difficult child at the school he attended so at the age of 7 his mother removed him from school and taught him at home.

Alexander Graham Bell

Bell was homeschooled until the age of 11 before enrolling in a traditional school. Despite his poor grades at school Bell went on to be a noted inventor and held more than a dozen patents.

Albert Einstein

Although he was named time magazine’s “Man of the Century,” Albert Einstein was not an “Einstein” in school. The Nobel Prize-winning physicist, famous for his theory of relativity and contributions to quantum theory and statistical mechanics, dropped out of high school at age 15 to continue his education independently.

Teddy Roosevelt

The 26th US president, leader of The Rough Riders and inspiration for the teddy bear, Teddy Roosevelt was born to a family of fourteen children. Roosevelt and his siblings suffered from a variety of physical ailments, and as a result, were home-schooled. The children were taught by their mother, aunt, and a French governess, who did a fantastic job: Teddy was admitted to Harvard in 1878.

Abraham Lincoln

The remarkable 16th President of the United States known for leading the nation during the civil war and abolishing slavery is a product of homeschooling. History books did not lie when they said he was raised in a poor household by loving but unfortunately illiterate parents. Unlike the parent or private tutor-led homeschool method we know today, Lincoln had to teach himself how to read and write while also supporting his family. Proof that independent learning does rely on someone else teaching you.

Leonardo da Vinci

The artist behind the legendary paintings Mona Lisa and The Last Supper was a homeschooler! Da Vinci went down in history not only as a great painter but also a polymath with extensive knowledge in various fields like biology, math, architecture, and engineering. This renaissance artist was taught English, writing, and math by his father.

Agatha Christie

This famous mystery novelist was homeschooled by her father. She taught herself to read at just 5 years old. She wrote some 75 novels, including 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections. Christie is perhaps the world’s most famous mystery writer and is one of the best-selling novelists of all time

Maria Sharapova

Although she was enrolled in a prestigious school at the age of 9, Maria Sharapova and her parents decided that home learning was the best choice for the athlete t continue her journey to becoming a famous tennis star. Sharapova is a brilliant example that independent learners can become well-rounded and emotionally intelligent people. 

Emma Watson

The bright and fearless Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series, as well as one of the highest-paid actresses of all time, Emma Watson was homeschooled for most of her adolescent years. Watson had to be educated by a private tutor on set along with her co-stars as she started acting professionally at age 10. Watson earned her degree in English Literature in 2014 from Brown University.

Taylor Swift

Singer-songwriter and ten-time Grammy award winner Taylor Swift was homeschooled from the age of 14. She chose to learn independently to accommodate her touring schedule. Homeschooling has become a popular option for numerous celebrities to allot more time to grow their showbiz careers

Choosing to homeschool your kids might feel like an all-too-eccentric route to take, but you’d be surprised to find that your child is actually in good company if you choose to set him/her off on this specific path of alternative learning.

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