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Pregnancy, your body and your baby – week 9 of your pregnancy

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At week 9 of your pregnancy, you’re probably more aware than ever of your growing baby inside of you, as the first two months of pregnancy are now behind you. You may be dealing with a variety of different pregnancy symptoms as your baby slowly grows bigger.

Your baby at week 9 

At 9 weeks in, your baby is looking more human, with mini arms and legs developing, and the tail which was initially present is slowly disappearing. Your baby is now the size of a grape or a cherry and her facial features are also becoming more prominent. At week nine your baby is also becoming more active and beginning to move around. However, you won’t be able to see or feel this just yet – but it’ll be visible on ultrasound.

If you’re struggling with painful breasts, a maternity or sports bra can offer you more support and help alleviate some of your uncomfortableness. When your body becomes more used to your pregnancy hormones, it’s likely that some of your pain may ease, but throughout your pregnancy, it’s a good idea to find clothes that you feel comfortable in.

How you’re feeling at 9 weeks

At nine weeks you may be feeling a variety of emotions, alongside the many other pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness, which peaks at around week 9. Your symptoms may be particularly difficult to deal with if you’re still keeping your pregnancy quiet from your colleges and friends, but if you are struggling emotionally open up to your partner or health care provider.

Things to keep in mind

At this point, it may be a good idea to chat to your doctor about possibly restructuring your exercise routine. It could be a good time to start incorporating prenatal yoga or pilates as these activities help you get ready for labour and childbirth. Staying active is also a great way to keep healthy during your pregnancy, but depending on what activities you did before getting pregnant, you may need to think about adjusting your training program.

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