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Here’s why skinimalism and multi-purpose products will dominate 2023 skincare and grooming trends

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One of the skincare buzzwords of 2022 was “skinimalism,” a trend that’s gone from strength to strength and is set to really take off in 2023. But what exactly is it all about and why does it keep gaining momentum?

The term “skinimalism” originates from the words “skin” and “minimalism”, and refers to the practice of using fewer skincare and grooming products to achieve the same results. Skinimalism is all about establishing a simple regime that utilises only the basic, necessary products to achieve healthy skin and avoids the use of extra products.

In recent years we’ve seen the rise and fall of the extensive skincare routine, which was made popular largely by skincare brands themselves in order to sell more products, and also by the rising interest in K-Beauty (Korean Beauty), which involves using up to 12 products twice a day. While using a lot of products might make you feel like you are improving the health and appearance of your skin, it can sometimes have the opposite effect.

Exposing our skin to too many products and ingredients can lead to the skin becoming overloaded, which may result in sensitivity, irritation, breakouts and damage to the skin’s barrier. In addition, using a lot of products is costly (and let’s face it – we can all do with a bit of financial relief at the moment!) and time-consuming. That’s largely why skinimalism has gained such rapid popularity… Because it’s here to save you time and money.

You may be wondering whether a skinimalism approach will yield the same results that a more complex regime might. In short, the answer is yes. You can use fewer products and still get the results you’re after, providing you select good quality products that really deliver on their promises.

Skinimalism favours quality over quantity and goes hand-in-hand with multi-purpose products. A multi-purpose product offers more than one use or benefit. It may address two concerns at the same time, or may be used for more than one purpose, or on more than one area of the body.

FINO Cosmetics offers a wide range of cost-effective, locally designed and manufactured grooming products that are known for their efficacy. What sets FINO apart, is that every product in their range is multi-functional, and either directly or indirectly also treats razor bumps and ingrown hair – a major problem for men of all ages.

Their hero product FINO Soothe MAN (R61.99) is a non-irritant, dermatologically-tested balm that helps combat ingrown hair, razor bumps and burn after any form of hair removal including waxing and wet and dry shaving. This all-rounder can be used anywhere on the body, including the face, head, underarms, back and groin area. A synergistic blend of vitamin A and fruit enzymes exfoliate, moisturise and purify the skin, preventing infections, sensitivity and irritation.

If you have a beard, FINO Face and Beard Wash and FINO Beard Oil is the combo you need. FINO Face and Beard Wash (R79.99) gently removes daily impurities and promotes soft and moisturised skin whilst protecting against ingrown hair and bumps. It is soap-free and has a light gel texture that gently yet thoroughly cleanses the skin and beard keeping your skin free from pollutants.

FINO Beard Oil (R139.00) is the multi-purpose oil you need to add to your daily regime. This multi-use product is a blend of non-greasy natural carrier oils and healing essential oils that nourish and moisturise the beard as well as the skin underneath. It can be used daily for a softer and more manageable beard, and it also makes the perfect shaving oil, plus it protects against dry and flaky skin under the beard. It can be used as a tissue oil or facial oil to nourish and soften skin and when regularly massaged into the skin beneath the beard, it may encourage beard growth.

Looking for the ultimate multi-functional duo? We recommend FINO Bump Control Kit (R79.00). It contains the iconic FINO Soothe MAN along with FINO Bump Control, a low-irritant, dermatologically-tested serum that combats razor bumps. This handy pump bottle contains a blend of natural tea tree oil and astringents that leave skin looking good and healthy. It is easy to apply and can be used on the beard area and head after wet or dry shaving.

FINO embraces skinimalism with its simple range of easy-to-use, highly effective multi-purpose grooming products.

The FINO range is suitable for use on all skin types and skin tones and is proudly created and manufactured for you in South Africa.

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  • Debbie Williams February 6, 2023 at 11:38 am

    I watched a Netflix documentary on this last week! I absolutely love it and agree 100%! Not only is reducing the amount of products used better for your skin but it’s better for your wallet and the environment!! I hope more people jump on board.


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