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Review: ShopKins Season 7 – ShopKins Mega Pack

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Every girl in town loves ShopKins! They certainly have to be one of the most popular collectables around in 2017!

This Mega Pack comes with 20 ShopKinsfor your little girl. Not only that, they include 4 Gift Boxes and you can stack your ShopKins on top of each other to make a lovely new party.

ShopKins Collectables can belong to one of 8 Parties; Princess, Picnic, PJ, Disco, Wedding, Summer, Fancy Dress or Surprise and what better way to collect them all than in the the 20 Mega Pack.  If you really lucky you may even find a limited edition Hollywood ShopKin!

You can either find a Translucent ShopKin, Sparkling ShopKin, Neon Nights ShopKin or a special limited edition Hollywood Glamour ShopKin.

Now for the best part! You can complete a TopKin! What’s a TopKin you might ask?  Well that is where you stack selected ShopKins together to make up your party.


Have a look at the video clip below for more insight into this fabulous range .

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