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We help YOU and your family to live a healthier and happier life with technology and screens. We do it in a neuro-integrative way, applying neuroplasticity and epigenetic principles holistically. We prevent the negative impact on your health, development, and well-being, such as neurological and learning disorders e.g., electronic screen syndrome (ESS), addiction, EHS, stress, anxiety and depression. We also help children who were “misdiagnosed” with ADHD and Autism.

Scientific research shows an increase in cancers and infertility, because of the exponential increase in exposure to unnatural, manmade EMF-radiation, also called electro-pollution: These levels can be measured with an Electrosmog meter. We offer environment analysis by taking measurements and advising mitigation strategies to reduce your exposure to EMFs, including 5G in your home, school and work environment.

We offer WoWe® EMF protective products to protect your health by reducing your absorption of harmful, manmade EMF radiation, coming from e.g., Wi-Fi, cell phones, towers, and smart wireless devices.

We implement an integrated approach to reset and rebalance all aspects of your REAL life (mind, body and spirit). We help YOU to develop your unique potential by evaluating your current health and happiness status by using different methodologies, including a quantum body scan (when possible). We help YOU to be FREE, asking the critical questions to make the right choices when spending time with technology. We EMPOWER you with the proper knowledge, skills, attitudes and insights to enjoy neuro-integrative digital wellness. This is to ensure that you live a meaningful life by growing and celebrating your uniqueness in many different ways! REGISTER today for our FREE masterclass or another life-changing course or coaching to help you heal your life by ensuring a healthier and happier relationship with screens and technology every day! We will help YOU enjoy your REAL life!

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