The Nativa Immune Support Range

Our bodies are continuously responding to tiny organisms that can cause disease. Germs like viruses and bacteria are everywhere, and it is our immune system which protects us. There are no magic “healthy pills,” but supplementing with protective antioxidants helps boost our immunity superpowers.  

A one-a-day, every day, immune boosting nutritional supplement like Nativa Immune Complex®  contains a powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins, mineral and herbals. These provide antioxidant protection and help strengthen natural immune defences. Around R126 for a month’s supply.

Power up with extra Vitamin C when health needs or stress levels increase, if smoking, or during a change of season. High dose Vitamin C supports immune function and offers antioxidant protection to help maintain good health. Have a look at Nativa Complex® Vitamin C capsules suitable for children from 4 years old.  500 mg from 4 years of age). 1000 mg (from 9 years of age). Around R80. 

 Add in some sunshine power with Nativa Complex® Vitamin D3 which is essential for immunity, bone and brain health, and muscle function.

Vitamin D3 is of value particularly for those who get little sun exposure or who have dark skins. 1000 IU (from 6 years of age) around R100.

All products are available from Takealot, Dis-Chem, Clicks and selected pharmacies nationwide.

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