Essential for premature babies, and fantastic for full-term babies as well, the specially designed  nurtureOne™ nesting cushions provide the same sense of calm and security that babies feel in the womb, assisting in sustaining good sleeping patterns.  

The  nurtureOne™ nesting cushion was designed, and is endorsed by, medical practitioners, to meet the sensory needs of the premature baby. Full-term babies (especially in their fourth trimester) also benefit from the  nurtureOne™ nesting cushion. The cushion can be used by all new-borns until they outgrow it, which varies depending on the size of the baby, but in general is usually around seven months.  

The  nurtureOne™ nesting cushion assists with a snug and suitable position for sleeping, which in turn encourages calm and relaxation. Allowing for a smooth transition from breast or bottle to crib without waking, the  nurtureOne™ nesting cushion is the answer to every parent’s question: ‘How can I help my baby sleep well?’  

The  nurtureOne™ nesting cushion:  

  • Simulates the womb environment by providing boundaries, but allows for movement and hands to midline and therefore self-soothing practices and motor development;  
  • Promotes a natural solution to settling and sleeping issues as opposed to medication;  
  • Makes transitioning from bed to cot or from arms to cot seamless so that the baby is not disturbed, and the parents can also get their much-needed sleep. The cushion also has specific benefits for sick and premature baby in intensive care units (ICUs) that need to be handled as sensitively as possible;  
  • Helps to prevent flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly);   
  • Becomes a sleep association for the baby, which allows parents to be mobile while keeping the baby’s sleep environment constant;  
  • Helps regulate temperature  


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