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UNO® Celebrates 50 Years of Bringing People Together 

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This month Mattel marks the celebration of the 50th anniversary of UNO, the number one game in the world* that fosters inclusive play and leans into culture.  

Conceived in 1971 in a barbershop in Cincinnati, Ohio, the iconic card game was created as a way for families to spend time together, and quickly became a household staple. Five decades later, UNO, now available in over 80 countries and with 17 decks sold every minute, UNO, has grown into a global sensation that offers fans of all ages a variety of innovative card-based and digital games.    

“For 50 years, UNO has brought people together by transcending language, culture and age through gameplay. As the number one game in the world, we’ve maintained its origins of a beloved family pastime, while evolving into a cultural phenomenon,” said Ray Adler, Global Head of Mattel Games. “Combining the brand’s roots of inclusivity and simplicity, the passionate global fan base, and unprecedented momentum, UNO’s 50th anniversary is a yearlong celebration of the brand’s past, present and future.” 

The brand is celebrating 50 years of bringing people around the world together through: 


This year UNO is sharing different ways to plays, allowing you to put a different spin on hours of gameplay, with products available for purchase now. 

Discover 13 Creative New Ways to Play UNO®!: The new ways to play debuted on the UNO® Instagram page with UNO® Bingo, which challenges players to carry out a number of moves during their game in order to call Bingo! Everyone can play with their family and join the social conversation using the #KeepPlaying hashtag.  

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