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What is brand identity?

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Every brand should have a unique identity and your brand design or brand identity tells your customer what to expect from your product or service. Your brand is essentially the face of your company. A strong brand design tells your prospective customer what your business is all about efficiently and accurately, and so to ensure that you maximise the effectiveness of your brand design, it needs to be consistent across all of your business collateral – from stationery to marketing and presentation materials, including video, your online presence through to your building décor and where relevant, what your staff wear.

Your brand’s visual identity can be described as the overall look and personality conveyed in all your communications.  Thus effective visual brand identity is achieved through being consistent in the use of a particular visual element (your logo), specific fonts / typefaces, colours and other graphic elements to create distinction from your competitors.  It is also achieved through the choice of what categories of images you use ie specifically photographed images that convey your message visually and support your brand identity.

So your brand identity originates within your company. It demonstrates to clients how your company identifies itself, how it wants to be perceived in the market as well as supporting the brand promise that you have made to your clients.


Your brand identity should conjure up a positive emotional response from your clients which should encompass your products, services, staff, company values etc.  When your company has a unique brand identity, you have improved brand awareness, a motivated team of employees who feel proud working in a well branded organisation, active buyers, and corporate style. Brand identity leads to brand loyalty, brand preference, high credibility, good prices and good financial returns.

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