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Also referred to as a brand strategy or positioning strategy, a Brand Positioning Statement is a one or two sentence statement that articulates your products’ or services’ unique value to your customers in relation to your competition.

A brand positioning statement should not be confused with a mission statement which is a sentence that describes a company’s function, markets and competitive advantages, and includes a statement of the business goals and philosophies.

The brand positioning statement is core to any marketing plan. It creates focus in the development of a marketing strategy and the marketing plan and tactics supporting that strategy. The statement itself needs to be succinct and quite simple. Therefore, the development of a brand positioning statement requires considerable thought and effort. However, that effort is rewarded when the strategy and plan flow effortlessly from that one key statement.

Brand positioning statements do not have to be set in stone. While there is obvious value in keeping the same statement so that your marketing plan has consistency and a considerable shelf-life, business environments can and do change quickly. If your competition changes, you may very well need to change your positioning statement in order to recognise what that change means for your brand.

A brand positioning statement ensures that you take everything you know about your brand, as well as everything that could be said about your consumers and making choices, and compels you to pick one target that you’ll serve and one brand promise you will stand behind.

Whilst it is vital for your brand positioning statement to be the foundation for your creative brief, it is equally vital that everyone (including your internal staff), knows what your brand positioning statement is.  More importantly in order for your marketing strategy to be successful, it is of equal importance that everyone follows and adheres to the brand positioning statement.

  • Target Market
  • Definition of the market in which you operate
  • Brand Promise (emotional or rational benefit)
  • The Reason to Believe (RTB) the brand promise

The more focused you are in your decisions, the more successful you will be in writing a brand positioning statement that will work for you.  You need to decide on one target, one promise and a short one or two sentences for reasons to believe which directly support your promise.  Your target should never encompass everyone and should rather be segmented.

To :   Mothers of young children (age 25 – 35), who want to do as much as possible to ensure that their children have a supportive, loving and gentle upbringing in a happy and stable environment which encompasses home, education, extra murals and relationships

Target Market Comprehensive on-line parenting magazine.

Category Frame of Reference


That :         Publishes articles written by professionals as well as providing on-line shopping and advertising of wide selection of suppliers for products and services for young children under 18

Brand Promise / Rational or Emotional Benefit


That’s because : voted best South African website for parents of young children 2013Only uses qualified professionals to write articles

Reasons to Believe

Having completed the above exercise, a winning brand positioning statement for would be : strives to be known as a supplier of choice for young mothers aged 25 – 35 looking to create a loving, educated and supportive environment in which their children can grow up.  Therefore, maintains a comprehensive platform for the publication of articles written by qualified professionals as well as advertising a wide selection of products and services for young children under 18.

In summary, in order to write a winning brand positioning statement, you need to have a clear idea of your products and / or services, who your target audience is and what it is that they are looking for.  Furthermore, you need to understand how they make their decisions.  Let the brand positioning statement form the foundation of your marketing strategy and make sure that all your marketing efforts adhere to your brand positioning statement.

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