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Travelling with your baby, here is a list of what to pack

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With summer in full swing and the December holiday period just around the corner, we wanted to give you a checklist of essential items to take with when travelling with babies or small children. We all know that travelling with small children and babies can be overwhelming and stressful. They key to minimize the stress is to plan ahead. Use this simple checklist to make sure you have everything packed to make your trip a memorable one, happy memory that is… 

Nappies (You can never have enough of these, so pack one for every hour you’ll be travelling and then   add a few more

Nappy Changing Mat (If you don’t already have one of these in your Nappy Bag, buy disposable ones, you never know what condition the changing facilities will be in.

Fragranced Plastic Bags (For storing those dirty nappies or clothes)

Bennetts Bum Buddy (Includes Bennetts Baby Bum Crème and Bennetts Baby Wipes in a convenient device, making one handed changing so much easier.

Bennetts Hand Sanitizer

Travel size Bennetts Hair & Body Wash & Bennetts Baby Aqueous Cream

Dummy’s (If your baby is using one, make sure to pack a few extra)

Dummy Sterilizer

Clothes, socks, shoes (remember to take all weather conditions into consideration).

Disposable bibs

Formula (Enough to last for all the feeds while travelling to your destination and then add two extra feeds, just in case)

Flask (If your baby is on formula remember to take a flask with to have hot water to prepare feeds)

Bottles (Make sure you have enough to last you for all your feeds, travelling to and from your destination)

Bottle Sterilizer

Water / Juice (Depending on baby / child’s age)

Snacks (For the whole family)

Breast pump (If you use one)

Breast pads (If you use these)

Nightlight (You never know what facilities you have at your destination, and these are ideal for those nighttime feeds and nappy changes – make sure you get one that works with batteries and remember to pack extra batteries just in case)

First Aid Kit (Pack all the essential items, like a baby safe pain reliever, plasters, ointment for minor cuts and scrapes, cotton wool, antiseptic liquid, allergy medicine, nail clippers, thermometer etc. Also make sure you pack all prescription meds if your baby is on any)

Baby Carrier (Sling or front carrier, these are ideal if you need your hands to check in for flights etc. and still keep your baby close and safe)

Portable Play Mat (Play mats or foldable playpens are ideal to keep baby busy and if they need a nap)

Car Seat

Stroller (These are easier to use than your normal pram, they take up less space in the car and can also easily be put in the overhead compartment on plains)

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