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Take care of baby’s delicate skin in the early days

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One of the most exciting events in life is to bring a new baby into this world!  But little do we know how much pressure it puts on us as new parents, to ensure that we do everything right for this new little bundle of joy.  From worrying about feeding to whether or not this precious life is getting enough sleep, the last thing that mom needs to  worry herself with is choosing the best barrier cream for baby’s delicate bottom.

Sudocrem skin and baby care cream can be used on the baby’s bottom from day one.  With its zinc and lanolin ingredients, Sudocrem skin and baby care cream is perfect for not only protecting from nappy rash, but for treating it too.  The hypoallergenic triple-care ointment is so light that it glides onto delicate skin without dragging or pulling.  Because Sudocrem skin and baby care cream has been developed specifically for babies, all the ingredients are designed to focus on the protection of nappy rash.

Nappy rash is one of the most common skin conditions of your baby’s early life. It is extremely uncomfortable and is generally linked to wet or infrequently changed nappies and diarrhea amongst other things.

In the early stages of your baby’s life, use Sudocrem skin and baby care cream to soothe, heal and protect and moisturise against nappy rash.  Sudocrem skin and baby care cream works in three different ways :

  1. A water-repellent base forms a protective barrier that prevents any irritants such as urine and faeces, from coming into contact with the baby’s delicate skin
  2. It contains an emollient that soothes sore skin
  3. Its cooling properties help ease pain and irritation

Sudocrem skin and baby care cream can be applied at every nappy change and this is recommended.  This will help soothe nappy rash if it has occurred, as well as protect your baby’s skin from nappy rash forming.  

The best way to use Sudocrem skin and baby care cream?

  1. Ensure your baby’s bottom is clean and dry
  2. With clean and dry hands, place a small amount of Sudocrem skin and baby care cream on the tip of your finger.  Remember that a little goes a long way
  3. Gently massage Sudocrem into the skin using light, circular movements.  Try to avoid rubbing especially if the skin looks irritated and sore
  4. What you want to achieve is a thin light, translucent film on the skin. 
  5. Repeat the application to the baby’s bottom as often as you need to.  We recommend with every nappy change

How do I recognize nappy rash?

  1. The baby’s bottom may have red patches or the whole area may appear red
  2. The baby’s skin may look sore and feel hot to the touch

How do I treat nappy rash?

  1. Change wet or soiled nappies as soon as possible. Young babies need changing as many as ten to twelve times a day, whilst older babies at least six to eight times a day
  2. Ensure you clean the whole nappy area thoroughly using plain water or baby wipes, wiping front to back
  3. Lie your baby on a towel and leave the nappy off for as long and as often as you can, to let fresh air get to the skin
  4. Apply Sudocrem skin and baby care cream

Moms all over the world have been using Sudocrem skin and baby care cream with confidence for over 80 years. Ingredients should always be checked before use. If  nappy rash persists, seek medical advice. 

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