Diana Du Plessis on behalf of Philips Mother and Child Division The early months with your newborn can be very tiring but it’s important that you also try to get enough shut-eye. It is estimated that new parents can lose between 400 and 750 hours sleep in their baby’s first year! The good news however, […]

There is no denying that car seats are expensive, with prices ranging anywhere from R1 000 to R4 000. While that is a hefty price for many to consider, they are an absolute necessity for your child’s safety and can reduce the risk of death for infants by 70% and by 47–54% for children aged 1–4 years. IMPERIAL […]

“Food safety is not only about the food we eat, but also what we give our children. Babies will consume what we feed them, but it is our responsibility to know what is best for them,” says Stasha Jordan, breastfeeding activist and executive director of the South African Breastmilk Reserve (SABR). The World Health Organisation […]

A new study in Paediatrics suggests that some noise machines can produce sounds so loud that they could potentially damage infants’ hearing and auditory development.  If SIDS isn’t scary enough! Now we are potentially damaging our children by playing them white noise?  As with all things baby, we thoroughly believe that white noise should be approached with a balanced […]

Undoubtedly we all want what is best for our newborn baby’s, so what are the benefits surrounding breast-milk and commercial formula? Even the most prepared mother who has opted to breastfeed can land up by not being able too. Therefore if you are pregnant and considering your options then this certainly will be a read […]

There is much written about the journey of infertility and the emotional roller-coaster that one goes through.  There is also a lot of literature and support available, whether it be on-line or from friends and family.  There is empathy – albeit it often misplaced and unintentionally wrongly communicated. However, there is very little written and […]