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Stylish Shelving Solutions that “Float on Air”

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Castle Timbers launches THREE new unique floating media storage solutions 

South African specialist shelving company, Castle Timbers, part of the MTO Group, has launched a series of ultra-stylish floating shelf and media wall unit ranges, designed to hold multimedia gadgets, and conceal unsightly cables.  These units are also equally at home as stylish storage solutions to complement any room.

Manufactured from either 100% South African Kiln dried pine as a solid wood Floating Media Shelves, or a lightweight Floating Media Econo Shelves made from a 70/30 combination of an inner frame of SA pine (harvested from parent company MTO’s certified plantations), and an outer layer of 3mm locally sourced MDF (Medium Density Fibre / Supa Wood), or a third choice of a Floating Media Wall Units made from locally sourced 100% 16mm MDF.

Each of these Ranges are the first of their kind to be manufactured in bulk, at consistent high-quality standards, for which Castle Timbers has developed a well-deserved reputation. 

The Castle Media Floating Shelves offer a 7cm wide x 1cm deep rebated groove at the base of the unit, allowing for convenient spacing of media cables, while keeping the shelf flush with the wall. The ranges come in black or white with a standard 3cm thickness x 30cm width x 44cm, 60cm, 90cm & 120cm lengths. Retail prices direct from the Castle Timbers website vary from R479.75 to R887.40 VAT Incl

Floating Media Shelves

The Castle Media Econo Floating Shelves with the same features but with a standard 4.1cm thickness x 30cm width x 44cm & 60cm lengths, retails from R269.00 to R350.00 VAT Incl.

The Castle 482mm Long Media Wall units provide a 7cm wide x 1cm deep rebated groove at the top as well as the base of the unit, allowing for convenient top & bottom spacing of media cables while keeping the wall unit flush with the wall, thanks to the 2 bevelled keyslot holders. The range comes in black or white with a standard 16mm thickness x 152mm height x 350mm width x 482mm length. Retail prices direct from Castle Timbers website vary from R757.50 to R797.00 VAT Incl.

About Castle Timbers:

Castle Timbers is a specialist shelving retailer established in 2009, headquartered in Cape Town.  The company ships all over South Africa, and internationally and has developed a well-deserved reputation for high quality products and extraordinarily efficient customer service.  The pine used in all the wooden products, is sourced directly from MTO Group’s certified plantations, giving clients the peace of mind that the products have been harvested responsibly and sustainably.

What makes Castle Timbers and their Shelving products different?

We are everyday people, just like our customers and we know how difficult it can be to put up a floating unit. Our mission, therefore, is to make it as easy as possible for the customer to fit / mount our shelving solutions and maintain our human interaction with our customers, who appreciate talking with us. 

Some innovative initiatives to best assist our customers:

  1. Enclosed in the packaging of every single:
  • Floating & Corner shelf is a “Drilling Guide / Template” with clear indicators on where to drill the holes in the wall – preferably brick.
  • Floating, Corner shelf & Wall Unit is a step-by-step guide on how best to safely fit / mount the shelving unit against the wall.
  • Floating, Corner shelf & Wall Unit are valuable tips for e.g. “How best to drill the hole” or “How to ensure the unit lies flush with the wall after mounting” or “How best to use Nail-In-Anchors & wall plugs” etc
  1. Castle Timbers has also created 2-minute ‘how to’ videos on our website 
  • Follow the link:
  1. A personal touch to every single Castle Timbers website order:
  • All Castle Timbers customers receive a personalised e-mail to confirm their order.
  • Once payment is confirmed the customer receives a 2nd personalised e-mail with confirmation that their order has been picked & shipped via courier, together with tracking details.
  • All Castle Timbers customers receive a personalised hand-written note on a Castle Timbers complimentary slip, thanking them for the order, together with an invitation to call for assistance at any time, a promise we mean.
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