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Review: Fungus Amungus

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Prima Toys are number one when it comes to fun educational toys and the new Yuck Truck designed to catch and destroy Fungus Amungus collectables is an exciting way to introduce your little one to the ‘germ side of life.”

Whilst the Yuck Truck is particularly appealing for little boys and recommended from age 3, little girls will have equally as much fun playing with it.

Apparently no funguys are safe with the Yuck Truck!  Little ones are encouraged to go out and catch the super sticky, super gross figures that come so nicely packed into little round containers to keep them safe.  You can spin them in the ‘Spin and Scream Chamber” or smash them with the “Funguy Hammer” and then (of course), trap them in the “Jail Cell” wheels! Open the front hatch and you’ll find a hidden mobile lab inside.

The Yuck Truck features :

  • The perfect Funguy catching machine
  • Spin ‘em in the Spin ‘n’ Scream chamber
  • Smash ‘em with the Funguy hammer
  • Trap ‘em in the Jail-Cell Wheels and the hidden Mobile Lab
  • Loads of gross sounds and exclusive sticky Funguy

This awesome Yuck Truck does require batteries but who would deny their little one so many hours of fun?

There are over 200 super sticky, super gross Funguys on the loose and your little one is given the ‘responsibility’ of catching them before they wreak havoc all over the world!

The truck is firmly constructed, comes with starter batteries and only takes a minute to get out of the packaging – something we discovered at Parenting Hub, much to our delight!  We do admit that the Yuck Truck caused quite a stir at the Parenting Hub offices and before we were able to give the truck to Claude (aged 9) to test drive for us, we blush to admit that our staff had unpacked it and had great fun test driving ourselves!

We thought that particularly because the Yuck Truck involves a lot of energetic destruction which is so appealing to Claude, that he would be the best choice for comment.  “I’m having such fun, I love the sounds and all the places I can squash and squish all the funguys.”

The Yuck Truck is available from all Prima Toys stockists.

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