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Review: BabyLegends Hugseez

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My little two month old and I really enjoyed reviewing the Hugseez. He was so snug and comfortable and enjoyed being rocked to sleep like he was still in the womb!

The Hugseez is made out of a very soft, stretchy material. It is super long, so no matter what size you are, it will fit around your waist, chest and shoulders comfortably. It comes with simple instructions showing you exactly how to tie and wear your baby. The instructions are very clear, and explain each step, but it is definitely not as easy as it looks. I often needed hubby or a friends’ help to get baby in and out of the wrap.

I enjoyed wearing the Hugseez when I went shopping with baby. It really helps to have both hands free when shopping. The Hugseez got a lot of attention from fellow shoppers. Every time I wore it, someone would comment on how awesome it looked. I was asked a few times if it was comfortable and were I got it from.

The Hugseez is by far much better than your normal baby carriers. Whether shopping, tidying up around the house or going for walks, the Hugseez is super comfortable. It doesn’t dig into your shoulders or cause discomfort in any way. Plus it doesn’t have a whole lot of straps and clips, but looks like a stylish shirt with a space for a baby!

The Hugseez wrap is easy to clean as you can just pop it into the washing machine and tumble dryer.

Available to purchase online at www.babylegends.co.za

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