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Parents’ Role in the Online Learning Journey

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As we start our online learning journey, there are so many things to consider. Schools are social environments and as such function on the interaction between all the role-players, the pupils, parents and the staff. This has been disrupted, so we are working hard at ensuring that everyone remains positive and embraces whatever may come our way.

One thing we at CrawfordSchools ™ Fourways is not to create added stress when we move onto Online Learning platforms on the 14 April 2020. The one thing we want our parents to remember is that your role as a support structure, guide, coach and mentor does not change. The teacher still remains the teacher and nobody expects the teaching responsibility to be placed on you as the parent or guardian.

Parents may be concerned that their children will fall behind in their schoolwork. It is important to remember that when we at CrawfordSchools ™ return to face-to-face teaching, the staff will ensure that all the children receive assistance needed if they have missed out on concepts that have covered during the online learning process. We don’t want the online learning process to be the reason that there is conflict in the home. Your children will have to meet the outcomes set and as long as this is done, the process has been successful.

We need to be cognisant of the fact that our children are also experiencing anxiety at the moment. They have seen the news, heard us talking about the situation and may even feel the uncertainty and anxiety we feel, as much as we try to remain positive for them. They haven’t had the opportunity to interact with their friends, have fun socialising with family and spend time outdoors riding their bicycles or even something as simple as going for a walk. Even though time at home seems like a lot of fun, we need to be prepared that that there may be an increase in behavioural issues, tantrums and other behaviours matters related to their frustration. They may be more irritable and edgy and it is important that they are allowed to verbalise their fears and uncertainties.  It is important that we need to assure our children that this too will pass and that there are so many lessons that we can take from this lockdown.

Tips to have a positive online learning journey:

  • Encourage and guide your child through their school work. 
  • Know what your child is learning each day so that you may offer support if need be.
  • Set up a routine. Children thrive on routine. Get up at the same time daily, get dressed and focus on what needs to be done throughout the day. Routine makes children feel safe and gives them direction.
  • Create a suitable and dedicated workspace where your child has access to everything they need. 
  • Make sure the environment is well-lit and there is plenty of fresh air.
  • Stick to the school timetable with enough breaks in-between. 
  • Get up, go outside and do something fun during breaks.
  • Limit screen time to ensure authentic communication with everyone they interact with. 
  • As best as possible, try and limit distractions. 
  • Spend 10 minutes planning, getting ready, ensuring all the requirements are close by before the lesson commences.

We can grow and set other goals during this period;

  • Stay connected with friends and family. Video call with your loved ones regularly.
  • Limit screen time to ensure authentic communication with everyone they interact with. Try to limit exposure to the news where infection rates and deaths are highlighted.
  • Share the responsibilities in the home. What a great time for them to learn to cook.
  • If your child doesn’t have a hobby, it’s the right time to nurture any interest they may have. Encourage them to do something they really enjoy. 
  • Don’t get frazzled, take care of yourself too.
  • Eat healthy, drink lots of water and create balance.

Finally, the wellbeing of everyone in the Crawford family is paramount. Enjoy time spent together and remember that we are all there for each other, in good and in difficult times.

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