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Oops is one of the world’s more forward-thinking baby development product companies and has been at the heart of stimulating little minds for many years.

It is through sheer creativity and experience that this line has become one of the most popular brands in Europe, centred around certain slightly left-off-centre, quirky characters such as Mr Wu, Chocolate Au Lait, Mushee, Happy and Cookie.

The characters all live in their lands of either ‘forest’ or ‘city’ and the thinking behind every single item is not only to entertain and amuse, but to stimulate minds in all the right ways, at all the right ages.

The multi-activity toys are high-quality, brightly created characters made with multi-sensorial curiosity in mind.  Including sounds, vibrations and teething action, a best friend will be made from the fun play time with Mr Wu or Chocolate Au Lait baby toys.

Oops rattle toys provide a variety of textured and coloured rattles that develop upper body strength whilst keeping your child engrosses in the joyous activity of pure discovery.

Oops baby Toys and Rattles are available now at the following retailers: Hamleys Toy Stores, selected Kids Emporium stores, Me Mom and Dad,,,,

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