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Nutrition and baby care brand, Purity, launches free parenting app designed to give parents time off

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From generation to generation, PURITY has been an integral part of South African families and continues to bring essential nutrition, care, quality and support needed for raising happy and healthy children. 

The baby brand, known for producing a range of products, has now launched a free parenting app, known as the PURITY Journey Journal, and is specifically designed to help parents through every milestone, from pregnancy through to their little ones’ formative years. 

Following an extensive look into their market, PURITY’s panel of experts which include a paediatrician, dietician, psychologist, gynaecologist, financial expert and a dad coach came together and learnt of insights that spoke to the need for a comprehensive platform, in which parents can get essential information and support. 

The first clear insight was that we live in a digital era, in which many parents themselves are turning to social media, blogs and influencers for all their parenting needs. At every opportunity, moms and dads will hold onto anything and everything of educational information that they can refer to during their journey as parents. For those that can afford it, baby expos, workshops and classes have since become a thing; enabling interaction with a range of experts under one roof. A key insight here, is that experts have become more reliable and thus, an increasing number of parents aspire to this access, more flexibly. 

However, with the great amount of information that there is out there, it is often overwhelming for both parents and guardians to take in everything, and this has resulted in a cry for a more convenient and easier way to access and manage this information. 

Support groups, which often involve interacting with other parents, has also become of priority, especially in instances where one feels uncertainty in doing particular things, for example, sleep routines and feeding. Above all, with all these learnings of the market, the PURITY team also took note of the one obvious thing that all parents go through – fatigue. Mothers and fathers are in desperate need of time off and this is a luxury that is often not granted but is essential. 

By creating this app, parents will ideally have more of their questions answered, have increased interaction with both experts and other parents, get support and most importantly, have access to a 24/7 medical support. Other features include the following: 

  • 24/7 Medical support through Hello Doctor
  • Personalized experience based on mom’s stage of pregnancy or little one’s stage of development
  • Pregnancy tracker
  • Milestone tracker
  • Journal entry tool to record little one’s feeding, sleeping, care and activities
  • Expert advice through PURITY Panel of Expert articles and tips  
  • Vaccination schedule and reminders
  • Dr appointments
  • Emergency contacts
  • Locate medical support through Google Maps
  • Multiple logins and access for parents and guardians

Whether you’re pregnant, have given birth or have a pre-schooler, PURITY continues to partner with all parents in realising the full potential of their little ones. “We are very happy with today’s App launch. This is the culmination of two years’ work. We spent many hours talking to parents, trying to understand their challenges along the parenting journey. We also poured over local as well as international materials aiming to see how these were providing the required assistance. We are extremely proud of the end product and we trust that our parents will find that this is the answer they have been looking for,” says Managing Director of Tiger Brand’s Baby Division, Mpho Toolo. 

PURITY will be spoiling parents by giving them some time off their busy days. By signing up and engaging with the APP, selected parents will stand a chance to be treated to a luxury day of pampering. 

You can sign up to begin your journey with PURITY at

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