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Modern Jobs that Didn’t Exist a Decade Ago

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Our world is constantly changing and evolving, and just like we’ve embraced modern products, services, technology, and trends, we’ve grown accustomed to modern jobs that didn’t exist a mere ten years ago. A lot can happen in a decade! With more and more startups and corporations creating unique employment opportunities, what seemed like alien concepts are part of our everyday lives today.

Join us as we explore a curated list of modern jobs compiled by online job aggregator Adzuna!

#1 – Blockchain Analyst

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have cemented the role of blockchain as an integral technology. Just like cloud computing was slowly embraced a few years ago, more and more companies are transferring to the blockchain.

To achieve this goal, businesses deploy the skills of blockchain analysts. Blockchain analysts install assets (and produce them) to help develop infrastructure that communicates with the blockchain.

#2 – Podcast Producer

The role of a podcast producer isn’t exactly part of the modern jobs niche, but it didn’t exist a decade ago. Today, everybody does podcasts. In fact, it’s estimated that there are more than 850,000 podcasts out there and more than 30 million episodes. It’s a vast market too. More than half of all U.S. consumers over the age of 12 listen to podcasts. Which means the potential to reach audiences is bountiful.

Podcast producers have an array of responsibilities. From managing podcasts to quality control and guest research, it’s a very demanding role. As podcasts become more widely used, these professionals will be even more in demand in the future!

#3 – Telemedicine Doctors

Telemedicine has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that it really became critical. There’s been an explosion in the number of roles created within the sector too.

Telemedicine doctors offer remote patient care through virtual communication channels like telephone calls, video consults, and live online chats. Although in-person healthcare is here to stay, telemedicine is becoming another layer of how medical professionals work with their clients.

#4 – Drone Operator

A decade ago, drones were esoteric tech that was used mainly by the military. But today, drones are used across a plethora of industries, with everyone from real estate agents to content producers harnessing its benefits.

If you know how to work a drone, there are many opportunities for you to get into the role of drone operator these days. This job is also gaining popularity as more and more hobby enthusiasts transfer their passions into their careers.

#5 – Chief Listening Officer

Ten years ago, this title might have raised a few eyebrows and could have sounded like something the CIA used to gain intel. But these days, it’s essential to put your ear to the ground to understand consumers better. And that’s precisely what Chief Listening Officers do.

CLOs are primarily responsible for monitoring internal and external communications regarding their organisation’s brand. They gather info from customers to devise better strategies for building and maintaining customer and employee relationships. In general, CLOs operate on social media platforms and with big data, technologies that were still immature a mere ten years ago.

#6 – Cloud Architect

Most companies utilize the power of the cloud these days and have ditched their apprehension to this amazingly successful technological development. Today, companies turn to cloud architects to develop their computing strategies, design cloud adoption plans and establish cloud management systems.

Cloud architecture is one of the most popular STEM fields out there. Compared to its infancy in 2011, it’s a field that has exploded with opportunities over the last decade.

#7 – Big Data Scientist

Just like cloud architecture, big data science is another popular STEM field, and with good reason. Data mining, machine learning, and big data have exploded over the last decade. Today, it’s part of the operational function of just about any big corporation.

Big data scientists are responsible for gathering and analysing structured and unstructured data. They also utilise an array of resources to improve the efficacy of the data they collect. As this field expands by the day, we’re expecting the demand for big data scientists to grow exponentially over the next few years.

In Conclusion

It’s remarkable to think about how much life has changed over the last decade and the variety of modern jobs that have become a normal part of our world. With new goods and services, new popular and high-paying jobs are born. If we’ve managed to come this far in ten years, just imagine how far we’ll go in the next decade. If you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to tailor your skills for the work of tomorrow!

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