How HypnoBirthing® worked for Kim...Our daughter Kiera was born in 2005 in hospital, after a fairly “typical” first labour - 14 hours, lots of shouting, stalling and screaming, all of which was exhausting and painful. I discovered HypnoBirthing® shortly after falling pregnant for the second time in 2007, and this time I was determined to have a more positive experience, and take control of the process. After learning the HypnoBirthing® methods, our son James was born, at home, in under 2 hours following a pain-free, drug-free labour. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and inspired me to train as a practitioner so that I could pass on what I had learned and experienced. I trained and qualified as a practitioner in the UK in 2008, and have been lucky enough to teach many mums who have all had wonderful birthing experiences. I returned to Cape Town permanently at the beginning of Dec 2009 and founded ‘Beautifully Born’. I hope to help women in South Africa have comfortable, natural and fulfilling birth experiences, and offer a viable alternative to the “standard” labours that have for so long been the only way to bring children into the world.

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