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Making and keeping memories

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When you are pregnant or have a newborn everyone tells you that time passes by quickly so enjoy it!   Then you endure sleepless nights, colic and you think can time please start passing faster so that my child can just get out of this phase and so we wish each difficult milestone away and forget to cherish it.

All too soon you wake up one morning and realise your child is now in her final year at school and time really has passed by so quickly.  You look back at small handprints and stick figure drawings and you wish you could have that time back, a time when she was just your little girl throwing tantrums and getting dirty in the sandpit.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that’s life that we forget about the small things.  Take the time to make handprints and foot prints, date them and stick a photo taken on the same day next to it.  You forget how small she was when you look back at those tiny prints.  Keep a record of milestones achieved and things your little one has done.  They will take great delight in reading about themselves when they are teenagers. Keep a record of where you lived, who their friends were and what they loved to play with the most. This becomes a really special keepsake if you keep them all together in a file. 

Those first drawings that others refer to as scribbles reflect her developing sense of self. Keep samples of these and watch how she learns about her body and how it functions in space. The three year old stick figure she drew is very different from the one she drew at four years of age. 

Use small photo albums to create books about her favourite things. This is a great way to help with language development and one day she can look back at all her favourite things when she was two, three and four years old.

Video those songs and funny things they say and save them on a hard drive. This way you will be able to cherish them forever.

Remember these years really do fly by and as they get older there are new memories to be made but keeping and making these mementos from babyhood will allow you to look back and see why she has turned out to be such a stunning young adult.  Raising well rounded children takes more than just feeding them, it takes time to be there in body and mind.

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