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Improve the quality of your air with any of our solutions.

We bring the latest climate control products to South Africa. Solenco SA searches the world to bring the best technological advances in air quality control systems such as dehumidifiers, air purifiers, humidifiers, air movement products and heaters, together with cooling systems such as air conditioning and evaporative coolers to South Africa.

Solenco SA is the distribution agents for the Meaco brand of dehumidifiers in Southern Africa. Meaco is the leading UK design and manufacturing company for dehumidifiers. Meaco has been awarded Sailing Today’s “Best Buy” for the popular DD8L Junior desiccant dehumidifier. This unit has solved many different types of damp problems whether used in your bedroom, living room,  a damp bathroom, to dry laundry in student accommodation or even holidays homes, storage of classic cars, the boating world, gun safes and biltong manufacturers.

We also import the Solenco range of domestic and commercial dehumidifiers specifically chosen for their suitability for South African weather conditions.

Five products in our product portfolio, namely the Solenco CF8500 Air Purifier, the Solenco CF8608 Air Purifier, the Meaco 12L Low Energy Dehumidifier, the Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier and Meaco Airvax Air Purifier have received the Allergy Foundation of South Africa’s Seal of Approval. These products are the first of its kind in South Africa to have been awarded this.

We are also very happy to announce that the popular Airvax Air Purifier, which takes particles as small as than 0.1㎛ out of the air, has been now awarded the German-based ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) seal. This means our clients are buying the very best in air purification on offer internationally.

Solenco SA are also the South African representatives for the Symphony Range of Evaporative (air) Coolers. Symphony is the largest Evaporative Cooler manufacturer in the world and exports to many countries including Europe and the United States.

All the products offered in the Solenco SA portfolio will offer you the very best health benefits, excellent design combined with the most advanced technology, as well as leading in energy efficiency.

Choosing the right product can be confusing at times. We, therefore, encourage you to contact us so we can discuss how best to find a solution to the challenges of climate control in your life.

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