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What is a VAK (visual, auditory and kinaesthetic) centre?

VAK is a popular pedagogical approach centred on the uses of three main sensory receivers: Visual (eyes), Audio (ears), Kinaesthetic (movement) to determine the dominant learning style of an individual. It was originally devised in the 1920s to assist teaching children with dyslexia. Subsequently, this has been more widely applied and its relevance established. VAK centres use all modalities of learning to approach the student’s school work so that a student sees, hear as well as feels (by touch) what they are learning in their being.

After ourAssessment, we can advise the parents which program will be best for their child’s needs.Thereafter we incorporate any remedial assistance that may be required.

Parenting Responsibilities:

  • Attend BBA (all must be learnt) Dates given/ Appointment. R550 for Group sessions for individual session please call the office.
  • Attend Parenting Workshops (done by the educational kinesiologist and school vocational psychology teacher)
  • Work with us to ensure that your child progresses.
  • Lazy 8 assessment R550- R275 p/term!
  • Dominance factor per subject – R 550 – R 275 per term

ALL EVALUATIONS ARE available from our premises at an additional fee FOR THOSE NOT PART OF OUR CENTER FEES R 1500 for first visit for any and per thereafter follow up of R 550 per visit Usually this is a 6 week commitment .

We also offer Drama and Music, COMPUTERS AND DANCING, French and Tshwana

At Palm Tempelton Learning Centre we offer tutoring and facilitation on different levels, using different curricula.

Gr R-3 Impaq

V.A.K.  Applied

  • Visual- Lazy 8’s
  • Auditory- Work books
  • Kinaesthetic- Movement to integrate into body

Textbooks and study guides provided by Impaq

Day ends – Reflex games/ Dance

Sport done: Yes

Music/Drama: Yes

Can my child go back into mainstream with this curriculum?:  Yes


Gr 4-12 Impaq

Curriculum: Textbooks and study guides provided by Impaq.

Homework: Yes

Day end: Reflex games/Dance

Sport done: Yes

Music/Drama: Yes

Can my child go back into mainstream with this curriculum? Yes


GED Junior Self-Directed

Text Books: This group make use of different textbooks which are required to be purchased online or to be ordered through the learning centre. Specific information on books is given as a learner joins the centre.

Continuous Assessments Preparation for GED SATS

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

Day ends: Reflex games/Dance

Sport done: Yes/Discussion Yes

Research done: Yes

Computer needed: Yes

Internet needed: Yes

Goals: Prepare for GED SAT’s. Cannot go directly to mainstream from here. Must graduate to GED SAT’s from 16 years of age. They can be older depending on the situation.

Is GED SAT’s a high school curriculum?

The GED is not a curriculum, it is a high school equivalency test. Unlike traditional school exams, it does not test knowledge of content, but rather tests skills, such as reading and critical thinking and maths.

There is no ‘Grade 7 curriculum’ for the GED. Parents choosing this as an option as a school leaving certificate use a whole range of different curricula in the years proceeding, in order for their children to develop skills that they need, while learning interesting content of their own choosing. It is rather a mind shift from how the school system works.

GED Senior

  • GED online
  • First two terms everyday attendance
  • Last two as/when needed to attend
  • Pre-test done by 3rdThis is a half test
  • End of October and November – END EXAM
  • Costs to be paid before testing (amount depends on the exchange rate)
  • CV’s / how to dress for an interview/research
  • Study methods
  • Budgets

What is the GED®?

The GED® is a high school Grade 12 equivalency certificate. The GED® test was developed for this purpose, similar to an adult matric. It has subsequently been written by more than 17 million students in the USA and around the world, including South Africa!

All fifty states in the United States officially offer the GED® tests and they are written in more than 3000 testing centres worldwide.

  • The GED testing service makes it possible to earn a Grade 12 high school equivalency credential. In South Africa, the GED credential is recognised by SAQA. It is comparable to the South African National Senior Certificate (Matric) or an NQF Level 4 qualification.
  • Candidates must be 16 years of age to write the GED tests.

The GED test consists of four subjects:

  1. Mathematical reasoning
  2. Reasoning Through the Arts of Language Arts
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science

Accepted by most Universities and colleges

Medical and veterinary may have additional requirements

Candidates with special needs may apply for accommodations on the test

At Palm Tempelton we strive to develop the best remedial schooling in South Africa.

  • Remedial Classes
  • Scholastic Evaluation
  • Study Methods
  • Whole Brain Development
  • Subject Choice
  • Career Planning

All of the above listed in coherence with the relevant practices.Tutor Centre

  •  Affordable rates
  • Open to ALL schools
  • Extra classes offered for : English, Afrikaans, Maths and Science
  • Remedial therapy

Our Future Plans:Our aim as a school is to develop the best remedial schooling in South Africaand to further develop the training centre for teachers and others to learn how to apply remedial teaching.

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