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HCG + Banting is a proudly South African weight loss programme with world renowned backing. The success of our programme lies in perfect timing. All our clients love the fact that it’s easy to follow and delivers results, fast. We have over 2900 followers on Facebook. Check out some of our Facebook reviews:

1) Safely lose between 5 – 10kg’s in just 15 days/2 weeks.
2) It takes a total of 18 days to complete the whole programme.
3)You use pure HCG oral/mouth drops only 2 x times a day (no self injection required).
4) You get an option of two meal plans to follow while taking your drops consisting of clean, healthy foods. NO calorie counting.
5) A full comprehensive E-book filled with recipes, do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks, resources and tools to stay on track as well as guidance about life after the programme.
6) We reveal the ‘Secret Weapon’ to stay within your goal weight forever.
7) We show you how to easily adopt an affordable Low Carb lifestyle while still enjoying delicious food and treats (recipes included).
8) With qualifications in Weight Loss Management & Nutrition we are geared to offer full support via email, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.

PLUS, you can gradually continue losing weight should you so choose.

HCG + Banting is scientifically proven to increase GOOD HDL cholesterol levels, combats type 2 Diabetes, lowers CVD (cardiovascular disease), lowers blood pressure, stabilises blood sugar levels and improves mood, targets stubborn visceral fat (especially around the waistline) and is designed for you to reach your personal ideal, healthy body weight.

We are currently running a special promo. Only R980 (Was R1,200) for a Complete Weight Loss Kit including Free courier delivery to your door anywhere in SA.

A ONCE-OFF FEE to change your health & life forever.

For your convenience our EFT Banking Details, or you can place your order from our website (we accept all major Credit and Debit cards and use secure online payment processing through PayFast):

Account: HCGBanting
Bank: ABSA
Account number: 38062551388
Branch code: 632005
Reference: Your Name and Surname
Email the proof of payment to:

You will receive a tracking number upon completion of your order. It is an overnight courier service, so you should receive your kit in 2-3 working days tops, depending on your location.

Welcome to the fusion revolution!

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