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How To Avoid Breast Leakage Mishaps

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Breast leakage is something which many mothers fear. Whilst this is not a sure fire expectation for all moms who choose to breastfeed, it is more common than one would think. But fear not, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, if you know how to be prepared. Read on below to see how you can prepare for breast leakage easily.

When You Can Expect Breast Leakage 

Many moms only expect their milk to come in once their baby is born. However, your breasts will begin lactating during your third trimester of pregnancy. Whilst you will not actually physically express milk, your breasts will begin to produce it. This could lead to a leakage problem when you least expect it. Leaking breasts can be expected from then until you decide to stop breastfeeding your child.

How To Treat The Problem

Breast leakage can’t be cured, but it can be helped. One of the best things a mom can have in her pre-baby birth arsenal is a set of breast pads. You can pick up either disposable or reusable pads, both of which have their own merits. However, having a pair such as the Medela machine washable re-usable breast pads can end up saving you a lot of money overall. All you need to do is wear these pads over your nipple, under your bra throughout the day. If your breast begins to produce milk, the pad will soak it up, meaning you don’t need to face any unsightly spills. 

Never Give A Second Through To Breast Leakage Again

With comfortable breast pads in tow, you never need to worry about a spill again. 

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