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Here’s what to do if you’ve been retrenched

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COVID-19 created unprecedented chaos for the global workforce, not just South Africa’s job market. If you have been retrenched due to the impact the pandemic had on your company, we have some practical suggestions that can help you tackle this problem.

What should I do if I’ve been retrenched?

The first step to take is to get all your paperwork in order so you can claim benefits like UIF. You might be upset with your boss about the whole situation, but it’s essential to keep a professional relationship with the company that retrenched you. You might need references from your managers and maintaining your network is important for searching for new employment opportunities.

How soon can I search for a new job?

Before you apply for a new job, make sure your CV is up to date. It needs to look professional while highlighting your skills and experience. If you apply for more than one job, tailor your cover letter for each application. Be open to roles that might not be a perfect fit but can help you stay afloat in the meantime. This is also an excellent time to consider what your passion is and which companies you’d ideally like to work for

Is there something I can do while I search for work?

Part-time jobs can be great sources of income while you’re searching for permanent employment. Adding this experience to your CV is also a great way to show potential employers that self-improvement and productivity are some of your strong points. You can also take an online course (or two) to learn valuable new skills while you’re not employed on a full-time basis yet.

How can I stay positive if I’ve been retrenched?

Right now, you need to focus on controlling what’s in your hands. Set achievable goals for every day so you’ll feel a sense of achievement at the end of the day. One of the best ways of staying mentally strong is exercise. It works your brain and body at the same time! When you exercise regularly, your body releases endorphins, which helps regulate stress. Fitness plays a crucial role in mental health, especially if you’re stressed and anxious.

Need more help?

Adzuna is here to help you during these challenging times by giving you access to the information you need most. Take a look at their blog to find the latest news on the SA job market. They also list all the jobs advertised online on one platform, making it easy for you to find the job of your dreams!

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