Meet Dr. Raakhee

RrakheeDr Raakhee Mistry enjoys empowering people in terms of managing illness. Dr Mistry believes that all individuals have the ability to heal themselves and she sees her role as a facilitator, educating patients about their illness and giving them the tools to deal with their dis-ease.

When treating patients, Dr Mistry uses a holistic approach. She focuses on the patient’s mental and emotional state and not just the body. Treatment protocols involve just one or two homoeopathic medicines which are carefully selected to cover all the ailments that the patient presents with. Focus is aimed at the cause of the illness and not just the symptoms of the illness.

She has incorporated a number of modalities such as biopuncture, Bioptron light treatment, Acu-touch and Life alignment technique to give a greater level of service to her patients.

Educating the public in the correct use of homoeopathic medicines is a huge passion of Dr Mistry and she has conducted a number of homeopathic first aid courses for mums and care givers.

Dr Mistry has experience in treating a number of ailments, from colds and flus to auto-immune conditions but the most important part of practice for her is healing the patient and not just managing symptoms.

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