Meet Celeste

As an Educational Psychologist, Celeste takes special interest in the identification and support of learners with learning difficulties.  She approaches her clients in a compassionate and interactive way, while getting to understand their unique circumstances.

Remedial therapy / learning support is suitable to help children who are not yet achieving in a way consistent with their potential. Learning difficulties and underachievement are the result of complex interrelations among language, socio-economic, biological and / or physical variables and factors. Remedial therapy / learning support is an individualistic holistic approach, working with the “whole” child: physical, intellectual and emotional/affective. The aim of remedial therapy / learning support is to strengthen weaknesses, break bad habits, ease anxieties and assist underachievers, or children with learning difficulties, to try and reach their full potential, and to support them to try and keep up with the pace of work in class. Various interactive methods, activities and games are being used in the learning support programme. Remedial/ learning support is a long term process, and not a “quick-fix” solution to a learning difficulty.

Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) considers the child in totality. The body functions as an organism through a complex interplay of many systems (including the central nervous system, visual system, auditory system, digestive system, sensory-motor system, endocrine system and so on). Social and emotional factors are taken into account along with physical development when planning remediation interventions. Observational assessments and in- depth interviews are used in order to unravel the underlying causes of a child’s difficulties. These allow insight to the possible root causes of presenting concerns.

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