Meet Carol

I am often asked why I left behind a successful career in the corporate sector to become a Possibilities Coach – my self-coined term for what you may know as a life, career or business coach. The answer is simple – I wanted to transform people’s lives by making coaching accessible, affordable and a lot less time-consuming.

Most of us are super busy these days. In the process, we do not always have or allow ourselves the necessary space to evaluate where we are going, create a new or different vision for our lives and follow through by turning that vision into actions. The sad truth, however, is that being busy is what gets us stuck in the first place. It is also what keeps us locked into the same routines which often do not yield results. Eventually we start to feel frustrated about our careers and the life we have created.

Having experienced the frustrations from being retrenched when 7 months pregnant and being the bread winner to juggling being a Mom and having a corporate career and a few other challenges in between, I believe that being able to empathise with many of my clients gives me the ability to work on a deeper level with them. 



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