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Bibs have long been the babies most worn-and washed accessory for obvious reasons.

And throughout the centuries moms have come to rely heavily on the clothing protection they supply as babies find their way around bottles, teething drool, general muck and of course, solid foods.

Silicone bibs are a relatively new concept to the baby product world.  In terms of hygiene, keeping baby dry, minimising washing time and general upkeep, they are without a doubt, the simplest solution to meal times.

The bib pops on, protects baby during eating, pops off and get a wipe down in preparation for the next meal.  Instantly dry with no laundry time.

In fact, it’s so simple, one wonders why they weren’t invented years before.

Fisher-Price has a brand new range of baby products that has been launched in the South African market through Prima Baby.  Available from April, the silicone bib is one of the most popular items, providing moms with convenience they almost didn’t realise they were missing.  Available in zebra and giraffe characters, the bibs are FDA, EU & LFGB compliant and made from ultra-soft silicone that won’t irritate necks.

It is also adjustable, dishwasher safe and can roll up for travels, with its own deep pocket to catch larger food spills.  Available instore now at Hamleys Toy stores, selected Kids Emporium stores,,,

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