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Chewable and good for a nibble

The Nibblebib for itchy and irritated gums is practical and comfortable and made from soft cotton, it keeps baby’s chest dry and is reversible so when the one side is dirty simply flip it around.

The attached nibble bit covered in wobbles and bumps helps sooth itchy gums. No more searching for or sterilizing a teether as it’s attached. The nibble bit is 100% non-toxic, phthalates and BPA-free, non-flake and fully washable

Feeding / Comfort / Teething Blanket

Because we believe our products must be multi- functional our matching feeding blanket with an attached teether comfortably covers mom and baby when breast feeding, covers a pram and also serves as a comfy blanket when baby starts teething.

Waggle Travel Blanket

The Waggle travel blanket with legs keeps little legs, toes, and heads covered when baby is in a car seat, baby carrier and pushchair. Because it has legs baby can be strapped in without the need for holes to accommodate straps and buckles. Baby can easily be moved from car to cot without being disturbed.

The Waggle made from light weight, super soft fleece is machine washable.

Available in two sizes; 0-6 months & 6-12 months.


All little girls are princesses, our gorgeous tutus for babies and little girls are ideal for baby’s first shoot, birthday parties and just for fun.

About Us

Our logo is Cuteness with a Purpose, that’s why everything is designed to be beautiful and functional so they can be enjoyed from birth to toddler stage.

Toofi Totz , a proudly South African company, manufactures teething bibs with an attached chewy bit, Feeding/ Comfy Blankets with an attached chewy, the Waggle Travel Blanket with attached feet and hood.

Our products are made with love and care as they’re used by very special little people.

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